Take a Kid Fishing by Bill Carey, Striper Express

Take a Kid Fishing by Bill Carey, Striper Express

Lake Texoma | February 26, 2017

Take a Kid Fishing by Bill CareyThere is nothing more priceless than to hear a child say “I got one…I got one… Daaad! I got one!!” Being the hero in a kid’s eye is so rewarding. To see that little one spring from the seats with excitement is so energizing and rejuvenating. Recharge their batteries and yours too with the thrill of the hunt for some hungry stripers. We still have openings for Spring Break week!


Got Spring Fever?

Your college kids are ready for a break from those long hours of late night studying and burning that midnight oil. Get them into the outdoors. Take them fishing for some much-needed parent time. Give them something to go back to school to tell their friends… “My parents SO ROCK! They took me fishing for Spring Break”. Awesome rod bending and line stripping time spent with family and friends will be something that they remember for a lifetime.

The Fishing! The Bass!

Lake Texoma offers “World Class Striper Fishing”. There are plenty of hungry stripers out there just waiting for you. These monsters are weighing up to 15 pounds each. The 20 pounders are not rare. They are fat and sassy and will get your blood pumping.

A Proud Mom!

A mom is never more proud of her man than when she is watching him pack up the kids and taking them out for that quality time. Some moms are the type to load up with them, and others are happy sending them on their way knowing that this time is rare and so precious. Those fleeting years are gone in a blink of an eye and if you don’t snatch them up they will be gone before you know it.

Is Your Blood Pumping Yet?

Make those memories with time spent with your kids. Put down those video games and give them a “reel” game that is more fun. Get that face to face “Fish Time” and your kid will look at you and say…”Thanks Dad”. That alone is priceless!


Striper Express
Bill Carey


Bill Carey is a professional fishing guide on Lake Texoma.  You can reach Bill and Striper Express at (903) 786-4477 or email him at bigfish@striperexpress.comStriper Express Guide Service is located at 512 Mill Creek Resort Road, Boathouse #3, Pottsboro, TX 75076




Mid-winter fishing on Lake Texoma has been great! Nice catches of Striper and Sandbass. All are being caught on artificial swimbaits on points and ledges in 8 to 25 feet of water. Casting out, letting it sink to or near the bottom, slow retrieve and waiting for that tap to set the hook!

Come on out to Lake Texoma and rent a cabin, eat some local food, rent a boat, go camping…there’s plenty to do out here! It was great to see all the boats out last weekend…sailboats, cruisers, speed boats, fishing boats…all out enjoying the beautiful clear waters and bright sunshine. It’s going to be a great year on Lake Texoma so head on out there and take advantage of our wonderful resource!!!

Artificial lure fishing for these fish is the best. We get to move around the lake, see some wildlife, and enjoy the scenery. The weather has been mostly great this winter and the long term forecast looks great for the rest of winter. The lake is recovering nicely from the flood and it is great to see!!!

I know a lot of kids will be out for Spring Break coming up soon, so get those kids out on the water to catch some fish. Nice cabins are available for rent at my marina. Come on out and wet a line!!

See y’all soon!

Capt. Stephen



Lake Texoma 2016, What a Year!

Lake Texoma 2016, What a Year!

Lake Texoma version 2016 is winding down, and IT IS ENDING WITH A BANG! The colder weather and cool water has the Striper biting unlike I have seen in recent times on Lake Texoma!

Lake Texoma 2016; a year of recovery for Lake Texoma after the devastating flood of 2015. For Striper Hunter Guide Service, the beginning of the year was a struggle due to muddy water resulting in fish that were very reluctant to eat and catch. As the water began to clear up a bit in April and the water warmed, we were suddenly blessed with a population of Sandbass unlike Lake Texoma had hardly seen in recent decades; we could see the beginning of the recovery and a fishing light at the end of the tunnel!

As we moved into the late spring and early summer the water cleared more and the amount of keeper Sandbass that I caught was just unbelievable. Hundreds and hundreds of Sandbass on some trips. Mother Nature works her magic in strange ways, and as we did lose some Striper, we also gained unbelievable amounts of Sandbass from flooding lakes upstream. A true blessing from Mother Nature, these Sandbass kept most of us guides in business throughout the summer. Mixed in with those keeper fish were what seem to be an endless supply of juvenile fish resulting from successful spawns of the past two years. Given the amount of juvenile fish I have seen, and the fact that they do grow very quickly, the future looks extremely fishy! By Midsummer I was cleaning coolers full of keeper Sandbass, and a few Striper began to show up as well.

As the summer progressed we kept catching Sandbass and kept catching more and more Striper, releasing the striper in hopes that they would grow up and reproduce to help the recovery of Lake Texoma.

When fall rolled around, the Striper really began to show themselves. I started keeping a few Striper along with the limits of Sandbass that we were catching and cleaning. I knew as the water cooled even more the Sandbass bite would slowly diminish as these fish begin to think about spawning up the rivers in January. To be honest I was a little concerned that when the Sandbass bite slowed that our catch numbers in general would slow down for all the fish. BUT, then it happened…just a few weeks ago. Some big striper, some good fat 16 inch striper, and a bunch of 9 to 11 inch striper begin to show up here and there. It was exciting to see!!


These last couple of good cold fronts finally dropped the water temperature down to the lower 50’s, and I’ll be honest, I have no idea where the Striper have been hiding, but in the last two weeks they have really made a showing. Just yesterday we caught a three-man limit of stripers, had all of our overs up to 9 pounds, and threw back another 60+ striper, and 6 Sandbass. Lake Texoma is a remarkable body of water. Throughout the droughts, the floods, the bait kills, the algae; the way Lake Texoma takes care of herself never ceases to amaze me.


In the last week I have abandoned the slab spoons that have been really effective all year, and been casting swim baits and catching Striper in 20 to 30 feet of water slow rolling the swim baits along the bottom, or maybe just 5 to 7 feet above the bottom. I’ve even had some good catches in shallower creeks as well. The bite can be light but it is definitely detectable, and with a good hookset, you’re in for a really good fight, even with the smaller fish as they are frisky! As the winter continues this bite should remain pretty consistent. Hopefully Mother Nature will give us a little bit of a break after the roller coaster that we’ve been through from the past year and a half with the flooding and recovery. I am very fortunate to do what I love for living and even more fortunate that I’m able to do it on such a great body of water like Lake Texoma.

I am anticipating that 2017 is going to be an awesome year on the Lake Texoma. I know it’s only December but remember Spring Break will be here before you know it. The earlier you book a trip the more likely you are to get the day you would like. I’ll be running 2 trips a day starting mid March, so you can have a choice to fish morning or afternoon to fit your schedule. I am beginning to book trips for the Spring, so don’t hesitate to call or email and get your trip on the books.
I have re-worked my website to be more user friendly and have added some fishing articles, recipes, service reviews, and other useful links! I also will be implementing an on line booking system where you will be able to choose what day you want to fish and pay online as well. This will allow me to be more accessible to you for scheduling your fishing trip to meet your needs while I’m on the water. I know things happen in life and fishing trips may have to be canceled or rescheduled or moved or whatnot, that’s just the way it is. Don’t be afraid to book ahead. I’m very flexible when it comes to circumstances such as those!
I really appreciate all of you that have fished with me this year on Lake Texoma and also at Lake Tawakoni at the beginning of 2016. I will remain on Lake Texoma for here on out and I’m looking forward to a very busy, line stretching, fish cleaning, and successful 2017!
Tight Lines!!
Capt. Stephen

Striper Hunter Guide Service

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Toyota ShareLunker Season Begins Oct 1

Toyota ShareLunker Season Begins Oct 1

Toyota ShareLunkerTPWD implementing program changes to optimize spawning success

AUSTIN – For over 30 years, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s (TPWD) Toyota ShareLunker Program has created awareness of the value of catch-and-release fishing, provided 13 pounds or heavier largemouth bass to support Texas’s selective breeding program and generated nationwide interest in Texas bass fishing. This year, TPWD is implementing changes to fully incorporate ShareLunker offspring into hatchery brood stock.

While the ShareLunker season will continue to run each year from Oct.1 through April 30, only those entries collected between Jan. 1 – March 31 will be accepted as brood stock for spawning.

“Our analysis of spawning results has determined that January-March provides the greatest opportunity to obtain good candidates for spawning,” stated Todd Engeling, TPWD’s Chief of Inland Hatcheries. “For all ShareLunkers caught outside of that timeframe, TPWD staff will weigh and measure each fish and obtain a fin clip for genetic analysis. The fish will then be returned to the angler.”

During January through March, every ShareLunker that TPWD staff determines to be capable of spawning will be transported to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens. In recent years, pure Florida largemouth bass have been primarily used for spawning due to limited hatchery space. Starting this season, TPWD staff will attempt to spawn all ShareLunker bass regardless of genetics. However, only pure Florida ShareLunker offspring will be incorporated into the hatchery brood stock program.

“Pure Florida largemouth bass make up nearly half of all ShareLunkers entered while they typically make up less than 10 percent of bass in the wild. That means they likely provide the best chance to reach trophy size,” said Engeling. “TPWD will begin converting hatchery largemouth bass brood stock so that eventually all will be descendants of pure-Florida ShareLunkers.”

In addition, although ShareLunker entries will still be accepted from private waters, ShareLunker offspring will not be stocked back into private water bodies even when the ShareLunker is donated from private waters.

The changes announced for 2016-17 season are part of a long-term strategy being developed for the Toyota ShareLunker program, according to Kyle Brookshear, Toyota ShareLunker Program Coordinator. A team of hatchery scientists, fisheries managers and education and outreach experts is evaluating the program’s long-term goals and strategies. Additional improvements will be incorporated into future seasons with the goal of increasing angler participation.

“As a competitive angler and fishing advocate, I am thrilled to be part of the ShareLunker program and to contribute to its new direction,” said Brookshear. “We want to continue to reward our anglers for not only catching a trophy largemouth bass but also for helping us manage our fisheries to enhance trophy bass fishing in Texas.”

ShareLunker catches can be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling (903) 681-0550. For complete information and rules of the ShareLunker program, tips on caring for big bass and a recap of last year’s season, see www.tpwd.texas.gov/sharelunker/. The site also includes a searchable database of all fish entered into the program.

The Toyota ShareLunker Program is made possible by a grant to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation from Gulf States Toyota. Toyota is a long-time supporter of the Foundation and TPWD, providing major funding for a wide variety of education, fish, parks and wildlife projects.

For more information on the Toyota ShareLunker program, contact Kyle Brookshear, ShareLunker Program Coordinator, 5550 FM 2495 Athens, TX 75752, (903) 670-2285 or by e-mail kyle.brookshear@tpwd.texas.gov.


Lake Texoma Summer 2016..it’s been a good one!

Lake Texoma Summer 2016..it’s been a good one!

Stephen Andre fishing tripLake Texoma Fishing Report Summer 2016

We have caught, and are still catching, a mess of fish this summer on Lake Texoma! Not as many striper as normal, but we have a record number of really nice sized Sandbass that have filled my cooler these past few months. These bigger Sandbass are a blast to catch on medium action gear using slabs, swimbaits, and topwater plugs. The recent cooler weather has made our time on the water even more enjoyable. The cooler air temperature has cooled water temperatures and the fish are loving it. Sandbass are schooling up on topwater and there are days where we will catch well over 100 fish. Hunting season has started, and the kids are back in school, so now is the time to get on the water and give those birds and kids a break!! Fall Fishing is right around the corner….

Lake Texoma is well known for the late Summer and Fall Fishing action. As the water cools, the Sandbass and Striper will move into shallow water feeding on shad. These fish will gorge themselves on bait in the next few months in preparation for Winter and their yearly migration upstream for the spawn. Soon we will be catching them in the shallows on big topwater lures and swimbaits….I love catching them in shallow water, you can really feel the bite good as they hammer the lures in shallow water and make a run for the deep water. I am already catching some Sandbass in the really shallow cooler water. Those shallow water big Striper will show you what they are made of, and you better be prepared!

As the Fall season deepens, our seagulls will show up and help us pinpoint big schools of deeper water fish in the main lake. This is prime season for catching fat Striper. With the record number of shad that we have in the lake, these fish will be some of the fattest and healthiest we have seen in a while. They will be growing quickly this Fall. The set up for this fishing is slow rolling a Sassy Shad or Fluke on spinner head jigs….one light bite, set the hook, and it’s game on!! Fighting big fish out of the deep water back to the boat is a memory that will not soon be forgotten!

So how about a trip on Lake Texoma?

I fish from a big comfortable 26′ boat designed and built specifically for guiding. All my rods and reels, both spinning and baitcasters are up to date, and I only fish with the hottest lures typically hand crafted from local lure makers. As usual, I will properly clean all of your fish, completely removing all the nasty red meat that can ruin the beautiful taste of the Sandbass and Striper white flakey meat. This red meat removal is an important step in preserving the filets for good table fare. While I am cleaning your catch you all can fish from my dock where we can catch HUGE catfish and crappie. I’ll clean those for you as well.

I am looking forward to this late Summer and Fall fishing with you all on Lake Texoma. I take great pride in finding fish, teaching you all how to catch them, cleaning them properly and most importantly, making sure you all have memorable trip!!

Tight Lines Everyone!

Capt. Stephen

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