Great September 10 and 11 weekend on Lake Texoma!

Good haul before the front!
Good haul before the front!

Thunder, lightning, wind..ugh…Saturday as I was driving to the lake to get the boat ready for my trip, I almost called them and said go back to bed because of 40 mph winds, rain, and lightning…I’m glad I didn’t! We pulled out of the slip at 6:40 with light drizzle. By 7:15am it was game on! 

We had 3 to 5 fish on at the same time for a while. They schooled pretty much all morning until the front came in at 9:30 with clearing skies and a strong north wind. Pulled a dozen more in the breeze, but it had pretty much shut them down. Ended up catching around 150 and cleaned 72! 

Almost all these fish were caught casting slabs. They were up in the water column and did not want to bite consistently using the typical bouncing on the bottom technique. Ripping them and dropping them worked a few times, but they really wanted that slab moving horizontally instead of the normal up and down fishing. Chunk it out , wait a couple of seconds, and medium retrieve back worked the best…on 1/2 oz slabs.


Sunday morning was absolutely beautiful! 55 degrees, cool, clean, crisp air! Fall is coming! 20160911_063908-1I was a little worried because the day after a front can be tough. We went to the “getting” spot first, but the sandies slept in, lol. So, we moved around picking up one here and there. After a few hours we had some fish in the cooler, but not like on Saturday. Then as I was scanning a ledge with my sidescan, I spotted a GOOD school in 15 feet of water on a drop off. I spun the boat around, told my group to drop their slabs, and bam, bam, bam, bam…4 fish on! 20160911_121352That school was moving fast, but we managed to get on them several times and ended up the day with a pretty darn good box considering the post front conditions.20160911_150751

17 inch Sandies!
17 inch Sandies!

That big school had some nice fat 17 inch sandbass as well! Back at the dock, we fished for catfish on cut shad while I cleaned their catch. Sam, 7 years old, set the hook, and almost got pulled off the dock! 10 minutes later, huffing and puffing and almost breaking a sweat, he caught the biggest fish he had ever seen in person!! Congrats Sam on your 30 lb Blue Cat!

Thanks for reading my report and for more information on Lake Texoma, or more fishing reports, or how I catch em on Lake Texoma, check out my blog on Texoma Striper Hunter!

See y’all out there!

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