Take a Kid Fishing by Bill Carey, Striper Express

Lake Texoma | February 26, 2017

Take a Kid Fishing by Bill CareyThere is nothing more priceless than to hear a child say “I got one…I got one… Daaad! I got one!!” Being the hero in a kid’s eye is so rewarding. To see that little one spring from the seats with excitement is so energizing and rejuvenating. Recharge their batteries and yours too with the thrill of the hunt for some hungry stripers. We still have openings for Spring Break week!


Got Spring Fever?

Your college kids are ready for a break from those long hours of late night studying and burning that midnight oil. Get them into the outdoors. Take them fishing for some much-needed parent time. Give them something to go back to school to tell their friends… “My parents SO ROCK! They took me fishing for Spring Break”. Awesome rod bending and line stripping time spent with family and friends will be something that they remember for a lifetime.

The Fishing! The Bass!

Lake Texoma offers “World Class Striper Fishing”. There are plenty of hungry stripers out there just waiting for you. These monsters are weighing up to 15 pounds each. The 20 pounders are not rare. They are fat and sassy and will get your blood pumping.

A Proud Mom!

A mom is never more proud of her man than when she is watching him pack up the kids and taking them out for that quality time. Some moms are the type to load up with them, and others are happy sending them on their way knowing that this time is rare and so precious. Those fleeting years are gone in a blink of an eye and if you don’t snatch them up they will be gone before you know it.

Is Your Blood Pumping Yet?

Make those memories with time spent with your kids. Put down those video games and give them a “reel” game that is more fun. Get that face to face “Fish Time” and your kid will look at you and say…”Thanks Dad”. That alone is priceless!


Striper Express
Bill Carey


Bill Carey is a professional fishing guide on Lake Texoma.  You can reach Bill and Striper Express at (903) 786-4477 or email him at bigfish@striperexpress.comStriper Express Guide Service is located at 512 Mill Creek Resort Road, Boathouse #3, Pottsboro, TX 75076