Denison Public Library Receives the 2022 Achievement of Library Excellence Award

Denison Public Library

The Denison Public Library has received the 2022 Achievement of Library Excellence Award from the Texas Municipal Library Directors Association (TMLDA), an affiliate of the Texas Municipal League.

This is the 9th year in a row the Denison Public Library has received this award.  Only 73 libraries out of 542 public libraries in Texas received this award in 2022.

“We have accomplished some great things together, and we look forward to a great future in a great city.  I’ve said it before, and I say it again – this is the best job I’ve ever  had and it’s in the best town in Texas!” said Denison’s Director of Library, Greg Mitchell.

To successfully receive the Achievement of Library Excellence Award, the applicant must exhibit excellence in each of these ten categories:

  1. Services to underserved populations either through outreach, special programs, collaborations with other libraries or organizations, special classes, special collections, etc.
  2. Innovative and effective marketing materials highlighting basic services and publicity about specific programs the library offers
  3. Collaborative efforts with community organizations
  4. Enhanced service to the public during the past year either through increase in service or a change in type of service
  5. Literacy support for all ages (including summer reading programs)
  6. Support for digital inclusion through public internet access, digital literacy training, and online library services
  7. Support for workforce development
  8. Cultural, topical, and educational programming for adults and families
  9. Professional staff training to include training opportunities for staff at all levels
  10. Any other initiatives that speak to library excellence

“This is another proud moment for our community and our team as we strive to deliver services that enhance our community,” said Director of Parks and Recreation Justin Eastwood.  The Denison Public Library is another example of the City of Denison’s commitment to qualify of life for the community.