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Archives Fishing Reports Lake Texoma 2015

Jerry Dorsey, Lake Texoma Fishing GuJerry fishing with Grand Kids 12-21-2015ide
Fishing report Jerry Dorsey 12-21-2015ide | 12-21-2015

Granddaughters tore em up on Lake Texoma today…Biggest 12 pounds, and threw fish back, as had all
over 20 inch fish….. Guess I better book some more trips!

Advantage Guide Service 12-20- 2015 Advantage Guide Service 12-19-2015Advantage Guide Service 12-20-2015

Fishing getting better helps with good fishermen!

Glen Shirley’s
Glen Shirley 12-20-2015 Guide Service 12-20-2015

Brian Prichard 12-14- 2015Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide, Brian Prichard| December 14, 2015

What beautiful weather we have been having, it has been a blessing to be out on the water to soak up
the warm sunshine the past couple of trips and as an added reward we have experienced some of the
best fishing since before the flood. We have been fishing with live bait on anchor in around 50 ft. of
water going 10-20 pulls down and calling the fish to us by slapping the water.

Good schools of fish have been coming to the boat and staying with us all trip to enable us to catch our
fill of sandbass, stripers and catfish. It looks like we are going to have some great late fall and winter
fishing this year if this pattern continues.

Fish TAO 12-10-2015 2 Adventure Texoma Outdoors 12-10-2015Adventure Texoma Outdoors | 12-10-2015

Here’s a few pics from the last couple weeks. The fishing is continuing to improve. Most days I’m
getting 10-20 good fish on artificials but then when I think it’s getting back to normal I’ll go out and
only get a handful. It’s been hard to predict what days they’ll go off. I’ve seen some really good posts
but it’s still inconsistent for me. The fish are starting to get together in the deep water and the winter
pattern should get going soon and that’s my favorite time of year. The lake has more bait than I think
I’ve ever seen and lots of 6 inch fish everywhere. I’ve got my boat out of the water to do some
maintenance as my bookings are down and I want to get it done while I’m not busy. I should be back in
the water in a week and then back to fishing soon after. It’s great to be back on the lake but I am still
offering river trips as well. It’s been a great few weeks here on beautiful Lake Texoma.

Fishing with Little John Texoma Striper Guide Service 12-8-2015Little Jon’s Texoma Striper
Guide Service
| 12-8-2015

Dead sticking starting to get good!

Want to know more about how to fish for stripe bass on Lake Texoma in the winter? These ae some
great instructional vids!

Video: Outdoor Oklahoma

Wintertime Striped Bass

How to Fish for Stripe Bass in Winter (Lake Texoma footage)

Sparky's Guide Service 12--2015Sparky’ Guide Service | 12-3-2015

Sparky and crew are getting on them this week. We have caught Stripers
and Sandies on live bait fishing 15 ft to 40 ft. Jug lines are filling up the freezer with big blue cat.
Winter time fishing is looking good for Stripers and Catfish,

Lake levels are 6 ft above normal. Water temp is 57*.
Sparky is offering gift certificates for that hard to shop for person.
We are offering crappie trips this winter. These will be all jig trips. Crappie have
been hitting around the brush piles and docks. Come get you some of these tasty
Give Sparky a call 5809162293 or 5803050533 .
Sparky and crew would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Stephen Andre 11-19-2015Stephen Andre – Texoma Striper | 11-19-2015

A couple of good days on Lake Texoma! All on swimbaits in in shallow water… Lovin’ it!

Phil’s Lake Texoma Guide Service | 11-13-2015

We had a good morning we didn’t get our limit but we came in with 14 stripers and a dozen sandbass
fishing looking like it might be getting better nothing under 19 inches on the stripers for the past few

Phil's Guide Service 11-9-2015Phil’s Lake Texoma Guide Service 11-9-2015

We had a good day especially the way the striper fishing has been they were very happy customers even
though they knew the fishing was very tough I will see them again

Sparky's Guide Service 11-1-2015Sparky’s Guide Service | 11-1
Little David took a good friend of mine out this morning. Joe and his family caught limits of Stripers as
fast as they could get bait in the water. Striper fishing is as good right now as it is in May and June.

JD Lyle 11-1-2015JD (Jeff) Lyle’s Lake Texoma Fishing Guide Service | 11-1-2015
Tom and Sharon Pease braved the rain today and were rewarded with some good action !!
Wasn’t what I would call a slam dunk today cuz we did have to work pretty hard for em but managed a
limit of ten keeper hybrids and a handful of big sand bass on the table. All in all we caught 30 + fish
today but never really got me going fast and furious. More what I would call just a steady bite most of
the morning
For the second day Ina row never saw any birds working so we just worked the ledges drifting bait..
Had to move around a bit more today than I have recently but we caught fish in just about every spot
we tried Maybe this storm front had em a little more scattered today. That’s the story I’m gonna go
with. After writing this report and kinda thinking it was a slow day. It dawned on me … That a slow day
here lately has been 30 + fish. Ain’t too bad for a slow day

Sparky's Guide Service 10-28- 2015Sparky’s Guide Service 10-28-2015

Fishing has been hit and miss but it looks like it is improving

Glen Shirely Stripercat Guide Service 10-23-2015| 10-23-2015

Fishing was good today, getting better

Adventure Texoma Outdoors 10-6- 2105 Fish ATO 10-6-2015 2Adventure Texoma Outdoors | Fishing Report | October 6, 2015

Still getting good fish below the dam and for about the last month or so, it’s all been on topwater.
There’s really nothing that I like better than watching big fish blow up on my bait. The river has much
less traffic in the early morning so I’m starting my trips early to beat the crowd. Some days I stay till
they start to generate but lately they have been generating later and soon I think they will stop
generating all together. Still have some availability for weekdays in October so if topwater fishing gets
you like it does me then don’t wait to book. This bite isn’t gonna last too much longer. It’s been a great
week below Lake Texoma.

Sparky's Guide Service 10-5- 2015 Fish Sparkys 10-5-2015

Sparky’s Guide Service | Fishing Report | October 5, 2015

Lake Texoma is starting to produce some Stripers. Cooler weather has dropped water temp to 76*. Lake
level at 614 (2 ft ) below normal. Sparky’s crew have had a good weekend with good number of
Sandbass and a few stripers. Today’s trip had fish up to the 9 lb range with a total of 20 Stripers and
20 Sandbass.
Top water bite should start up by the end of week as water temps continue to fall. Crappie have been
active around brush piles and docks on jigs in 12 to 20 ft of water.

Follow us on Facebook at Sparky’s Guide Service and eddie.sparks.10
Give Sparky or Me a call and lets go fishing. 5809162293 or 5803050533

Fish On
Eddie Sparks

Adventure Texoma Outdoors 9-23- 2015

Adventure Texoma Outdoors | 9-23-2015

The river continues to produce for me almost every trip. Over the last few months I’ve only had a
handful of slow days down there and my worst day was six fish. I fished a trip on the lake last week
and wish I would have had six fish. I am booking on the lake but it remains slow and I’m hoping it
improves as the temperatures drop, so for now I’m gonna try to do most my trips on the river. I’ve been
mostly top water fishing below the dam and today I was honored to have a man celebrate his 70th
birthday with me and I can tell you we caught almost as many fish as his age. Weekdays when there is
less traffic is much better fishing and my weekends are pretty full but fishing on the river doesn’t get
much better than it is now!

August Fishing Reports

Adventure Texoma Outdoors 8-31-2015Adventure Texoma Outdoors 8-31-2015

I’m still fishing below the dam at Lake Texoma and I’m still catching good fish. The flood gates are closed and the generators aren’t running all the time now so that’s made it to where there’s much less traffic on the river. The topwater bite has slowed down and bait is catching small fish but I’m able to catch better quality fish with a rigs and swim baits. Weekends are booking up fast but I’ve got quite a few weekdays available this coming month. Fishing on the lake is also starting to improve so I can take you on the lake or on the river. It’s been a great week below Lake Texoma, now off to my deer camp to do some prep work for deer season and hunt a few birds for opening day of dove season tomorrow.
Adventure Texoma Outdoors 8-24-2015Adventure Texoma Outdoors 8-24-2015

Here’s a few pics from the last week or so from the red river below Lake Texoma. Most days are producing good fish on topwaters and umbrella rigs. Other than a couple of slow days the fishing has been good. Had a trip on the lake with a long time friend that only produced small sand bass. I’m gonna keep fishing on the river until the lake turns around. I’ve seen some good posts on the lake but it’s just not consistent enough yet for me. I’ll be glad to take trips on the lake but my expectations are not as good for the lake as they are for the river. It may take a while for the fishing on the lake to get back to normal but just being on the lake is awesome.

Sparky's Guide Service 8-23-2015Sparky's Guide 8-23-2015Sparkys Guide Service 8-24-2015

Lake Texoma is getting back to normal. Lake level is 619. Water temp 84*. We are catching a mixed bag Stripers, Sandbass , Shad has been the choice bait and been plentiful in the lake. Fish has been coming off anchor in 15 ft to 30 ft of water.

Red River Airboat trips are available. Catching some Stripers and Catfish below the dam has been good. Using shad and finding a few on topwater.

Sept. 1 is the opening of dove season in Oklahoma. Sparky and I will be traveling out to Southwest Oklahoma for some fabulous dove shoots. We have Milo and Sunflower fields and numerous waterholes for some fast action dove shoots.

“I went scouting this weekend and the Dove numbers are high.”

Give Sparky or I a call and book your next adventure. 580-916-2293 or 580-305-0533

Sparkly's Guide Service 8-18-2015Sparky’s Guide Service 8-18-2015

Lake Texoma Fishing today. Mixed bag today but lots of good eating!

July Fishing Reports

Fishing Mike Blakely 7-31-2015 fish Mike Blakely 7-31-2015Mike Blakely 7-31-2015

I did a lot of looking. The day before we caught fish everywhere we went. Got most of these right by the marina trolling.

Fihing with JD Dorsey 7-30-2015 fish Jerry 7-30-2015 Fish Jerry 7-30-2015 catfishJerry Dorsey -7-30-2015

A 30 pound catfish certainly does add to the excitement of the day!

Jerry Dorsey 7-27-2015 – Anyone like catfish or Striper?

Jerry Dorsey 7-27-2015 fish Jerry Dorsey striper 7-27-2015 fish Jerry Dorsey cat 7-27-2015Lake Texoma is well known as both the Striper Capital and for very, very large catfish.

Sparky's Guide Service 7--26-2015fish Sparky's 7-27-2015-3fish Sparky's 7-27-2015-4Sparky’s guide service 7-26-2015

We are still fishing the river. Stripers are hitting with a few catfish.
I have been hearing the lake is getting better daily. The lake is open for business . Fish On!

We have some open days. Give us a call (580) 916-2293 or (580 )305-0533

Fishing update 7-14-2015

Enjoy Lake Texoma 7-14-2015

Caught mostly catfish today but we did get the occasional Striper. The lake is looking better daily. It still needs to drop big time though. All the stripper action is on the rivers coming into the lake right now. Current…639.32 at 5am It’s been at this level, since midnight. Barely dropping but it is dropping. No rain and 100 degrees in the forecast should increase the drop.

Want to know how the fishing is on the Red River below the dam? Well…….

Sparky’s Guide Service 7-11-2015

Fishing on Red River Dave BeesonLocal Angler Brett Graham 7-7-2015

Had the chance early this morning to fish with Diamond Dave Beeson of Four Seasons on a trip I won last year at the Texoma Striper Challenge. Fishing behind the dam right now is two trips in one… and white water adventure! We had our limit by 9:00 am and went on with our day. Four double digits and a couple of break offs. If your into this kind of thing, you need to get in on this adventure while the gates are still open. Only about 60 more days of this left (hopefully!)

Fishing Report Sparky's Guide ServiceSparky’s Guide Service
BIG BIG STRIPERS ARE BITING . Lake Texoma had not one but two major floods that put water over the spill way. This restocked the Red River (below the Denison Dam) with big Stripers. We are running our big lake boats an Air Boat in the river catching these monsters. If there is a time to catch that Wall Hanger it is now.
Lake Texoma fishing has been slow. Fish are scattered and the water is still murky. Water level is at 638. That is 19 ft above normal pool. On a good note the shad in the lake have rebounded and seeing a lot of sand bass surfacing in the lake.

April Fishing Reports


Lake Texoma Fishing Report Sparky's Guide Service 4-4-2015
Sparky’s Guide Service 4-4-2015

Sparky’s Guide Service | April 4, 2015

Little David put these customers on a few this morning.


February Fishing Reports



Jerry Dorsey 2/20/2015
Jerry Dorsey 2/20/2015

Jerry Dorsey | February 20, 2015
Man what a a day! 48 degrees, winds 10-20 MPH. A 16.1, and a 14.3, and ended up having to release some, as too many overs, but then I only had two people





Adventure Texoma Outdoors 2-12-2015
Adventure Texoma Outdoors 2-12-2015

Adventure Texoma Outdoors | February 12, 2015

My good buddy Graham Wheeler got his new personal best with me today. He is a big kid at 6’4/260 so he makes this fish look smaller than it is. This one went 20.5 lbs and was one of about 25 we got today. Average fish today was about 8 lbs and we had about three over 15. The aggressive bite only lasted a little over an hour but it was awesome this morning. I know my buddy Chris had a good one this morning too. Big Tex is turning on and lots of big fish are being caught. This big girl was released to be caught another day by the way.
Another great day on Lake Texoma.

Fish Adventure Texoma Outdoors 2-11-2015
Fish Adventure Texoma Outdoors 2-11-2015

Adventure Texoma Outdoors | February 11,2015

The fish here on Texoma are starting to feed again. The last fewweeks have been tough for almost everyone I know but they aregetting more aggressive by the day. Records are being broken almost daily. Today Carey Thorne had a young angler set a newjunior record for the lake at just over 18 lbs.

It’s still a winter pattern so don’t expect big numbers but
big fish are being caught almost every day. I only boated
about 20 fish today but our average fish was 10 lbs in what
seemed like hurricane force winds.

It was a great day on Lake Texoma.

Sparky’s Guide Service 2-9-2015

Fish-Sparky's-2-9-2015-group-175Sparky's Guide Service 2-9-2015

Sparky’s Guide Service 2-8-2015 – A little “Eye Candy” to raise your fishing fever!

Adventure Texoma Outdoors 1-20-2915
Adventure Texoma Outdoors 1-20-2915

Adventure Texoma Outdoors 1-20-2015
The fishing over the last week has been pretty tough for me and pretty much everyone else I’ve talked to. I’ve been averaging about 10 fish per trip lately though I had one day that wasn’t that good. I’m not sure what has the fish so tight lipped but I feel it might have been the week of really cold weather that dropped the water temp down really quickly. It went from being really good and catching 50-80 fish a day to a struggle just to catch enough to make a fish fry. The fish we are catching have been good quality though and they are as fat as I’ve ever seen them. I heard today that it improved a little and I think the warmer weather should have them going again soon. I rescheduled my trip today and my next trip isn’t until this weekend so I hope things get back to normal. It wasn’t great fishing this weekend but it’s always a good day on Lake Texoma.

Barbara Pope breaks record!
Barbara Pope breaks record!

A new lake record fish has been caught!

Barbara Pope caught this 24.7 pound striped bass from Lake Texoma last Thursday. Barbara was fishing with striper guide Chris Carey. While heavier striped bass have been caught in previous years at Texoma, this fish represents the largest striped bass submitted to the Oklahoma Lake Records Program since its inception in 2008. Check out the full details at

January Fishing Reports

Adventure Texoma Outdoors-1-31-2015

Adventure Texoma Outdoors 1-31-2015
Adventure Texoma Outdoors 1-31-2015