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Archives Lake Texoma Fishing Reports 2017

Lake Texoma 2017, What a Year!

Well the 2017 season and year is behind us and it is time to gear up for 2018! 2017 was a great year starting off with the Winter bite in January, February and March…lots of good box fish (fish under 20 inches) and a few good big ones! All the Winter Stripers were caught on swim baits on shallow  more…..

Captain Stephen Fishing Report 12-2-2017December 2, 2017 | Captain Stephen | Texoma Striper Hunter

The fishing for striped bass on Lake Texoma is the best it has been in years! The birds have shown up in force to help us locate these large schools of feeding fish. I’m using primarily swimbaits but also using slabs and dead sticking as well. The numbers of fish we are catching has been incredible.

Fishing with Captain John Blasingame 11-6-2017November 6, 2017 | Captain John Blasingame | Adventure Texoma Outdoors

The Lake Texoma Striper report for November 6, 2017 is GREAT! Lake Texoma is experiencing some of the best fishing that we have seen in years. We had a couple years of drought and the largest flood in our history and we all thought Texoma was down and out and it would take years to come back. We were wrong. Huge schools of fish are feeding all over the lake. The bait fish are as thick as I’ve ever seen in my 25 years on Texoma. The big fish are out there and will be showing up in big numbers this winter. All of my trips have been limiting lately and getting to do some catch and release as well. Some trips are getting to release lots of big fish. The gulls are out in force all over the lake and will be helping to point the way all winter long. If you can’t tell I’m really excited for the future of this great lake that I love. The future looks bright. Don’t wait to book your adventure. It’s been a great couple weeks here on Beautiful Lake Texoma.

Crosswinds Guide Service 11-3-2017November 3, 2017 | Crosswinds Guide Service

Gosh dang TODAY WAS GOOD!!!!! Topwaters, bait, 21 long fish. Just perfect!


Record White Bass on Lake TexomaA new lake record white bass was caught at Lake Texoma by Kylee Miller of Erick on August 4, 2017. The record fish weighed in at 3.75 pounds with a length of 18 inches and girth of 13.5 inches.

Crosswinds Guide Service 7/30/2017Lake Texoma Fishing guides giving back! Crosswinds Guide Service 7/30/2017

I was cleaning fish today and just HAD to call this little sweetheart Isabelle over to try and catch a fish or two. She couldn’t go out in the boats today bc she gets motion sickness too easy. The Cavett Kids Foundation is truly something special. I fall I love with these kids after just a few minutes. I later saw on the Camp Cavett FB page a pic of Isabelle (hoping I’m spelling her name right) accepting a trophy. BIG FISH trophy that is. A 13 pounder!!!!! GO ISABELLE!!!!!!!……My heart is full.

Crosswinds guide service 7-29-2017Crosswinds Guide Service | 7-29-2017

An afternoon of slabbing on Lake Texoma

Fish Lake Texoma For Your Child’s First Fishing Diploma

Bait, hooks and a fishing pole – take them out as soon as they can stroll. There are fewer finer things in life than taking your little one out on their first fishing trip. It’s a memory that you will both cherish for the rest of your life, and will be the start of a long family tradition. Lake Texoma is a great place to share this memory and here are some tips to make it the best day ever. Read more….

A Beast!

Lake Texoma HOT Summer Fishing!

By Striper Hunter Captain Stephen Andre 6/2-17

The June fishing on Lake Texoma has been great, and I expect July fishing will be hot as well! Big fish and good box fish are roaming around and a ton of fun to catch on slabs. Big slabs been working best to keep the “dinks” off the hook. Read More……

JD Lyle fishing trip 6-26-2017JD Lyles Fishing Guide Service | 6/26/17

Here’s a couple pics from yesterday trip !! Another very good day ! Fish have moved into deep water and easy to find !!

Adventure Texoma Fishing Trip 6-26-2017Adventure Texoma Outdoors | 6-25-2017

Lake Texoma Summer Striper Fishing

LAKE TEXOMA IS ON FIRE! The big fish have showed back up in big numbers here lately. If you would have told me last year that we would be having this kind of fishing this year I would have laughed and said maybe in a few years. The last two years have both had great spawns and the biologists say this year has produced another great spawn as well. That means the fishing here is gonna just keep getting better folks. The summer pattern has started and we are already seeing big bait balls in the middle of the lake of 3/4 to 1″ threadfin shad. Stripers are blowing up on top chasing them making for exciting action packed fishing. The fish I am catching are spitting them up as they come onto the boat. I am fishing big slabs in 30-70 fow and releasing lots of big fish daily.

JD Lyle Fishing Trip Lake Texoma 6-23-2017JD Lyles Fishing Guide Service | 6/23/17

Big fish day for sure !! Found the mother load of big fish again today. Had three fish over 12 lbs and about a dozen that went 7-8 lbs. added 32 more box fish that were all 19 inches and our box was overflowing !!!
Tomorrow with Dave Hudson will be day # 2 days f the storms let us out. Gonna be hard to beat today !!

Crosswinds Guide Service 6-4-2017Crosswinds Guide Service | 6-4-2017

River Bottom Pursuits and News 9’s Lacie Lowry today. Over 100 fish day. Half of them on topwaters!! Man the Lake Texoma Striper fishing has good lately. Hard to believe it can recover so quickly after such a devastating flood a few years ago.

Big Mineral Marina fishing report 6-3-2017Big Mineral Marina Resort | 6-3-2017

The Rodgers also had a great day fishing with striper guide Rick Sproat, of Fossil Creek Guide Service. They caught their 30 stripers (and 1 sand bass) by 9 a.m.!!!! This is their 5th time fishing with Rick, and it won’t be their last!! 🙂 Pictured left to right: Clint, Bob and Logan, who came to celebrate Logan’s birthday!

Lake Texoma Fishing Report May 2017Lake Texoma Fishing Report May 2017 by Capt. Stephen Andre’

The fishing on Lake Texoma has been wonderful this Spring and the Summer bite should be great as well!!

I’ve been catching them from 3 to 35 feet of water either on swimbaits or slabs. Recently the swimbait bite has been best for me for the 15-19 inch Striper as well as the bigger 10-13 lb striper! Slabs will give you great action with some… Read article…

Fishing with JD Lyle 4-6-2017JD Lyle | May 6, 2017

Beautiful day on the lake today !! Bright sunny day and NO WIND !! Yes I said no wind !! Very calm out there today. Guess everyone got the memo cuz the lake was as crowded as I’ve seen it in years … some real amusement at the boat ramp
Anyway had a great trip with my crew today. Tons of action all day long. Kept a 4 man limit for the fryer and another dozen of so sand bass. Prob released at least that many more. Great job today kiddos !! You caught em like pros !!

Lake Texoma Early Spring Fishing Report | JD Dorsey | April 29, 2017
it’s head to the boat dressed in winter, 100 MPH foul weather gear, and nice warm underwear. It’s just part of the gear for those in a boat, running 35 MPH across a lake for Stripers! I have long known, 23 years guiding on lake Texoma, that this was the drill, and have been in 23-degree cold factor weather, and the fish don’t know that! When I drop anything down that resembles food, Bam, all thoughts of weather disappear, almost. Read more…

Crosswinds Guide Service 4-30-2017Crosswinds Guide Service | April 30, 2017

These are the kinds of guys that you can go out with and tear the fish a new one!! Good fisherman with some rock solid hook-sets and a “feel” for what’s going on. It made my day easy. Thanks fellas. Hope to see to you again. Fishing remains kinda the same. Tons of action. We are catching fish almost everywhere we go. And some days we hit a few of those big ones. Our Stripers are still in peak spawn which means the majority of the mature Lake Texoma stripers are up the Red and Washita Rivers. I expect to be seeing them back in the lake over the next few weeks. It’s been a good year already and will only get better. Good eating Stripers everywhere and so many big White Bass mixed in. Perfect for adding to the meat pile!!

Enjoy Lake Texoma 4-29-2017Enjoy Lake Texoma | April 29, 2017

Fishing remains on fire right now. We are catching many many small Stripers, with some good 17-19 inchers mixed in.
We are seeing an increase of bigger fish showing up, with about half already spawned out.

Threadfin Shad have been spawning for a few weeks now and the already abundant bait population will only increase. Last year’s Striper hatch will continue to get fat and bigger as a result.

The White Bass population has rebounded nicely and we are catching many Sandies over 2 lbs every day.
Live bait is working very well but slabbing is equally productive.

Now… the time to get in the water and take advantage of this exceptional action. Get your own boat out or hire one of the guides on the lake to take you straight to the “honey hole” Be safe and “Enjoy Lake Texoma”

Stripers Inc 4-27-2017Stripers Inc | April 27, 2017

We had some good fishing this past weekend April 21-24. We’re using mainly live shad right now, anchoring on river ledges and drifting over flats in 20-30 ft of water and the fishing is good here on Lake Texoma. Lots of little fish are being caught as most of our larger fish are still up river spawning, though as you can see in the pictures we are still able to manage a few nice fish on just about every trip as well as several medium fish to take home for supper. You can find out more information and book your trip online at or give me a call at (903)815-1609 and I’ll get you setup.

Blue Water Striper Guide ServiceBlue Water Striper Guide Service 4-22-2017 | 4-22-2017

No sunrise pic this morning left my phone at the slip but it was great. Almost as great as the fishing. Solid box of fish today. Pulled around 50 fish. All but one had spawned already. If that is true, then fishing should remain good for a few months.

Bill Carey Striper Express 2-23-2017Bill Carey | Striper Express | 2-23-2017

Fishing continues to sizzle! This spawn is coming early this year it sure does seem. Sandbass and striped bass look like they are exploding they are so fat. With the Oklahoma side record at 3 lbs. 9 oz. and the Texas side record at 3 lbs. 6 oz. we are torn catching 3 lbs. 7 oz. and 3 lbs. 8 oz. Sandy’s whether to certify them or not but we are waiting for the one that is 3 lbs. 10 oz. or better. Sure hope we can get one in the boat & clean sweep the record! These are MASSIVE WHITE BASS FOLKS! I sure hope we get it but I do feel someone is going to get it soon these are just too big. We here at striper express guide service would love to take you on one of these charters on beautiful Lake Texoma. All you need to do is go to or give us a call at 903-786-4477 to schedule your date.

Lake Texoma Mid-Winter Fishing ReportLAKE TEXOMA MID-WINTER FISHING REPORT!!

Mid-winter fishing on Lake Texoma has been great! Nice catches of Striper and Sandbass. All are being caught on artificial swimbaits on points and ledges in 8 to 25 feet of water. Casting out, letting it sink to or near the bottom, slow retrieve and waiting for that tap to set the hook! Read more….

Little John's Texoma Striper Guide Service 2-10-2017Little John’s Texoma Striper Guide Service | 2-10-2017

If you are dreaming of a trophy monster striped bass, now is the time to be fishing on Lake Texoma. Winter is when these big striped bass are most active.


Glen Shirley’s StriperCat Guide Service | 2-9-2017

Glen Shirley's StriperCat Guide Service 2-9-2017

You don’t need many words – the smiles tell the story! Lake Texoma is a 4 season lake and winter is some of the best fishing of the year!


Crosswinds Guide Service 2-9-2017Crosswinds Guide Service | 1-9-2017

A limit of jumbo Sand Bass. And I mean JUMBO!! A few stripes mixed in and a good run of Blue Cats. We had a ball. Live bait and gray ice colored Flukes on yellow heads in 42 ft of water. We would slowly raise the Flukes about 4 ft. Then slowly let it back down and then “thump”.Very fun guys. They went home with 7 big bags of fillets

Lake Texoma fishing Stripers inc 1-22-2017Stripers Inc | 1-22-2017

Fishing was great today. We caught our limit throwing sassy shad. Who wants to go out tomorrow?

Question: Why do you cut their throats?

Answer: Stripers Inc. For one, I prefer to take their life in that way instead of unconsciously tossing them in the cooler which prolongs their death. Also it improves the quality of meat to bleed them out.

Lake Texoma fishing Crosswinds Guide Service 1-21-2017Crosswinds Guide Service | 1-21-2017

Fun way to start the day!

Yes, Lake Texoma is known as much for trophy cat as it is known for monster Striped Bass

Crosswinds Guide Service | 1-15-2016

Very subtle bite. But they come alive when we put a hook in their face.

Adventure Texoma Outdoors | January 2017

The last couple weeks have been pretty good. We had a couple days that were a little slow after the last cold front and a day last week that I tried to fish and was blown off the water by a cold north wind, other than that it’s been pretty good. The bigger fish have certainly showed back up this winter and I think we may have overestimated the damage the flood did to the overall population. This time of year is the best time to catch a big fish and I’ve caught several in the 10 lb range and seen a couple that were close to 15 lbs. The spawns that we had the last couple of years look very strong and the lake has really recovered nicely. There’s more bait in the lake than I’ve seen in 25 years of fishing here so those young fish have plenty to forage on. That being said I believe this year is gonna be very good here on the big pond and I’m really looking forward to it.

Lake Texoma 2016, What a great year!

Lake Texoma version 2016 is winding down, and IT IS ENDING WITH A BANG! The colder weather and cool water has the Striper biting unlike I have seen in recent times on Lake Texoma! Lake Texoma 2016; a year of recovery for Lake Texoma after the devastating flood of 2015. For Striper Hunter Guide Service, the beginning of the year was …Read more…

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