Lake Texoma Water Taxi Service

Lake Texoma Water Taxi Service
Lake Texoma Water Taxi Service
300 Lighthouse Drive
(903) 361-0775.

Lake Texoma Water Taxi Service – Fastrac Boat Charters & Cruises

Texoma’s only Water Taxi Service. If you’re looking to get around from place to place, Fastrac’s Water Taxi service can take you to the Islands, to that concert at one of the marinas, to other restaurants on the lake, or anywhere you’d like to go. We operate a point-to-point Water Taxi service that is reasonable and can accommodate groups up to 18 people.

It’s Like Uber on the Water at Lake Texoma!
The Mellow Yellow Water Taxi, from FasTrac Boat Charters and Cruises, can take you and your group anywhere on Lake Texoma.

How we price our services. For Point-to-Point ON DEMAND Service – We charge just $7 per person and $5 per mile. The mileage starts when we leave our dock until we drop you off at your destination. We have mapped out the entire lake and know exactly how far it is from almost every spot, so if you call our team, they can give you an accurate price quote. Our home base is Lighthouse Resort & Marina.

Scheduled Service – On Saturdays and Holiday Weekends, we offer scheduled service (more like a bus service) that stops at a few of the most popular spots on the lake. This is $20 per person and allows you to make one round trip, getting on and off as you wish. Here’s the schedule:

Highport Fuel Dock               10:00a • 1:00p • 5:00p
North Island                            10:30a • 1:30p • 5:30p
Marina Del Rey Fuel Dock   11:00a • 2:00p • 6:00p
Island View Park                    11:30a • 2:30p • 6:30p (subject to change/demand)

Last Drop off is at Highport Marina at approximately 7pm. Your captain can take cash or credit card on the boat and tips are appreciated.

Give Fastrac Charters a call at 903.361.0775 to book your trip now.

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Lake Texoma Water Taxi Service