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Spaceland Transitions: 3 way FS competition

10/06/2018 @ 8:00 AM - 10/07/2018 @ 5:00 PM

Let’s show off your formation skydiving skills! This 3-way formation skydiving event is open to jumpers from any drop zone with 100 jumps or less. Each team will have one mentor/coach and two Transitions participants, and each round will be filmed by an experienced videographer for scoring. Start learning the details of flying ever more efficiently and accurately in this fun competition!

As always, the team captain/coach leads and coaches the group for FREE!


This will be our first MULTI-LOCATION meet across all Spaceland dropzones! You’ll be competing not just against locals, but also against Spacelanders at our other locations. After competition completes, we will announce winners for each location AND an overall winner. Stay tuned for more details!

* Show time: 8 am Saturday to be placed on a team. Teams of people arriving after 8 am may be allowed to compete, at the discretion of and with a proper offering to the meet director (Christy West).
* 3 rounds from full altitude
* Formations will be drawn from a 3way dive pool that will be shared on this page
* Entry fee: $40 to cover the videographer’s slots
* Jump tickets: Regular price ($25 not including gear rental)
* Standard formation skydiving rules regarding legal grips and separation between points per the Skydiver’s Competition Manual.

As always, this is an ALL WEEKEND theme… mentors will be ready to keep jumping with teams after the three-round meet on Saturday to keep working on your mad RW skillz. And we’ll keep working points from this dive pool on Sunday to hone the discipline of formation skydiving.

Good Luck! Go Compete! 🙂


10/06/2018 @ 8:00 AM
10/07/2018 @ 5:00 PM
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