Air Donkey Zipline Adventures

Air Donkey Zipline Adventures
Business Address
I-35, Exit 55 near Davis, Oklahoma, travel 1 mile west on Hwy 7 and 2 miles south on Dolese Road
580-369-5010 (Zipline) 580-247-8381 (Cabins)

Air Donkey Zipline Adventures

Zip on Down to Air Donkey Zipline Adventures! Come soar over one mile through the scenic skies of the Arbuckle Mountains. Streaming six zip lines and one sky bridge, it is an adventure of a lifetime, gliding through the ancient mountain range while gazing at the breathtaking views. The longest zipline extends 1800 feet, which takes claim as Oklahoma’s longest zipline! Each canopy tour is over two hours long and guided by ACCT certified professionals.

Must be age 10 or older. Must be between 80 and 250 pounds, Women between 80 and 220 pounds. Must be physically fit and able to walk unassisted up several flights of stairs and hike over rocky terrain. You may be required on occasion to pull yourself along a stretch of cable.

What to Wear and Bring:  Close-toed shoes are required to participate. You can wear those goofy toe shoes if you want, but we are not responsible for rocks or thorns wedged between your toes. We recommend comfortable clothing and long shorts or jeans.  Long hair must be tied back.  If you bring a camera, make sure you have a lanyard attached to it.  You may be using both hands while you are zipping.

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