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Compass Rose
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Sail aboard the Compass Rose


The Compass Rose was built in 1968 as a Replica 1860’s Wooden Brigantine Privateer.  She is a double hulled Mahogany over White Oak ribs with an impressive 60′ length overall and 46′ at the water line.  Owners Ron and Tammie Odom brought the Compass Rose to Lake Texoma in late 2012 where a special dock was built at Grandpappy Point.  The Compass Rose is available for Private Sails, Tours, Special Events and Weddings.

Moonlight Sails

Looking for Romance? Peace? Adventure? Think you can’t have it all in the same night? Think again! Sunset to moonlight, gourmet desserts and champagne, flying off the yardarms (if adventure is in your blood), watching the stars; it all happens aboard the Compass Rose. 3000 sq ft  of sails, a crew to meet your needs … ahhh … this is the life!

Historic Day Sails

Come enjoy a historic day sail and learn about brigantine ships, pirate lore , the history of the Compass Rose and Lake Texoma. Compass Rose is always the star of Lake Texoma when she hoists her sails! She is one of the few working Brigantines left in the world. Great fun for the whole family!

Group Educational Tours

One of the main purposes of the Compass Rose is education about the great tradition of sailing. This ship serves as a floating “school”. We teach  about our ship and the Civil War world she encountered in the 1860’s. We toss in some pirate fun to boot, or should we say “booty” ? Truly fascinating for kids and adults as well! Special pricing and times are available

Private Sails

Be the envy of your friends and everyone on Lake Texoma as you charter the famous Compass Rose for an exclusive sail! You choose the date and time, we’ll provide the fun, all inclusive. Not your cattle call party barge; the Compass Rose is a unique experience specializing in groups of 10 or less. We provide a more intimate experience aboard a classic wooden tall ship. Whether you’re looking for luxury or the adventure of playing pirate, the Compass Rose and her crew will make sure your experience is one to remember.

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