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Living a life you love in Texoma

This week Michelle Castle visits a historical home in downtown Sherman, Texas. After touring this magnificant home, we’ll stop in to Hot Summer Nights concert series with Spin Doctor!

Lake Living. It’s the American Dream for so many. Today we will check out a beautiful home on Lake Texoma, built by a famous architect, Donald Mayes. Then we will pop over to Eisenhower State Park and take a peek at a Docominium and explore more of the Lake Texoma Lifestyle. The kids are swimming, my parents are swinging, and I’m going to hop on the paddle board. Come join me explore Lake Texoma family fun.

Live a life you love in North Texas! Michelle Castle with American Dream TV. Living a life you love for me means being around nature.

Michelle is at the Lakefest Regatta on Lake Texoma on Amercian Dream TV. The Regatta is an annual spring sailing event that was created many years ago to raise funds for Grayson County charities and is the kick-off to the Texoma Sailing Club spring race season. Texoma is a deep water lake with over 500 miles of shoreline.

Today, Michelle goes fishing on Lake Texoma with guide John Blassingame on Amercian Dream TV. One of the largest lakes in the country, Lake Texoma is one of the most affordable places to vacation, retire, or raise a family. Beautiful Lake Texoma is situated just 60 miles from Dallas and 2 hours from Oklahoma City. Live the life you love with a resort lifestyle.

Today Michelle is at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge at Lake Texoma on American Dream episode Living in Nature’s Paradise. Living a life you love for Michelle means living with nature, having room to breathe and being able to enjoy the natural surroundings. It’s the joy of watching wildlife with that first cup of coffe in the morning and a georgeous sunset when the day is over.

Today, Michelle explores some of the history of Texoma on American Dream TV. She is at the historic Katy Depot in Denison, Texas to talk about some of the resotration projects going on. An intregal part of the history and culture of Denison, the Depot, built in 1911, is coming back to life with offices, retail stores, restaurants, dinner theater, and lofts on the second floor. .

Today Michelle visits Austin College in Sherman Texas, on American Dream TV to talk about investing in real esate in a college town. Buying a home for your college student could be a great investment opportunity.

Michelle Castle visits North Texas Horse Country in this episode of American Dream TV. Today, Michelle is in Whitesboro Texas, visiting with Lisa Moden about the lifestyle so many people are moving here for. Find out what makes this area in particular attractive to those in the horse industry. Horse country is so much a part of North Texas and what draws people to this area.

Today Michelle is in Sherman, Texas at the city airport, talking to a developer of a totally new concept where you live in your home at the airport with a hanger attached to your home in a neighborhood with amenities. Silver Falcon Estates, a fly in community, will be 90 homes, at a jet capable airport.n. Something truly unique that you can’t find any where else in the country. How exciting!

Today, Michelle is with American Dream TV exploring loft living in historic downtown Denison, Texas. For many small business owners, living the life they love is having a store front and a home all in one. The best part about living downtown is every thing is here – art galleries, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. You can walk outside and live, work, and play in Denison, Texas.

Today Michelle Castle visits with local business owners in Whitesboro, Texas about why so many people are moving to Texas. Is it the small town lifestyle that main street America offers, affordabiltiy, opportunity? The experiences you can afford to have with your family in a small town are attracting families and businesses from all over the country to North Texas.

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