Geocaching Lake Texoma

Geocaching Lake Texoma

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is the hunt for any of more than 3 million items worldwide that have been purposely hidden by geocachers just like you. The game, when played responsibly, has been embraced by Texas State Parks and Natural Areas because of the fun and health benefits the sport creates for its players. Geocaching is primarily based through the website and is free to participate in! Simply create a user name or “cache handle” and you will be on your way!

This “treasure hunt” takes its participants to a fun, creative, or beautiful hiding place in the outdoors to search for items of all different sizes and difficulty. Along the way, be sure to enjoy your travels, explore the contents of each container you find, and return back to to log your visit and tell the world about your adventure.

You might be wondering what is a Geocache? In its simplest terms “Geo” means earth, and “Cache” means hidden item. Most geocaches are camouflaged containers that range in size. Geocaches are never buried, so please leave your shovels at home!
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Geocaching in Lake Texoma

Treasure Hunt locations can be found all over Lake Texoma – on the Islands, at marinas, neighborhoods and Church Camps.  Get your game on!

You can search for geocaches by location or by GC Code (a unique code associated with each cache listing) from the homepage, the Hide & Seek page or the advanced search page. Premium Members can sort search results by caches with the most favorite points, difficulty of find, terrain rating and more.

What do you need?

  • GPS or smartphone with coordinates
  •  Pen or pencil
  • Water bottle
  • Hat, footwear appropriate for a hike, and rain gear, if needed – Plan ahead and check the weather!
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Park, or trail, map
  • Inexpensive small items to trade for cache “swag”
  • A sense of Adventure!