Current Lake Texoma Fishing Reports

Lake Texoma Fishing Reports

Current Lake Texoma Fishing Reports for Texas and Oklahoma

Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept

December 2, 2020 Texas Parks & Wildlife Lake Texoma Fishing Report

GOOD. Water lightly stained; 59 degrees; 1.32 low. Striped bass and white bass are good on live shad. Diving birds are marking feeding schools feeding on the surface throughout the lake. Largemouth bass are good fishing soft plastics, crankbaits, bladed spinners, and jerk baits in 2-12’. Crappie are fair on minnows near boathouses, timber, creek ledges, and brush piles in 15-25’. Catfish are good on cut bait and live bait

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December 2, 2020 | Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation | Lake Texoma Fishing Report

November 27. Elevation below normal, water 61 and clear.  Lake fishing has been great the past week. Striped bass good on flukes, live bait and live shad in the main lake, around points and river channel. Striped bass are biting live shad and flukes or dead-sticking. Anglers should use electronics or active birds to locate feeding striper. Dead-sticking has picked up and is an effective technique to catch good fish. Blue catfish good on cut bait and shad around docks and main lake. Blue cats are being caught on or near cleaning docks on cut bait. Crappie fair on jigs, live bait and minnows around brush structure and docks. Crappie fishing has been fair on docks with brush below. Report submitted by Trey Hale, game warden in Marshall County.

     Zebra Mussel Alert!  To prevent the spread of zebra mussels, the law requires draining of water from boats and onboard receptacles when leaving or approaching public fresh waters. Get details.

Lake Texoma fishing guide reports

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopted multiple changes to the freshwater fishing regulations for the upcoming 2020-2021 season at the meeting held virtually May 21. Modifications include length limits and harvest regulations at some waterbodies for largemouth bass; blue, channel, and flathead catfish; and black and white crappie.

Jackson followed instructions and his first cast was perfect, it fell a few feet past a big swirl made by good-sized striper. The fish instantly made its move on the plug and the drag on Jackson’s reel was begrudging allowing the line to peel away in short bursts.  A smooth drag on a reel used for striper fishing is a must and the Sixgill reels Chris uses are ideal; light and smooth, they were up to the task. The reel’s drag system, coupled with the steady pressure applied by the medium action rod, soon had the big fish of the day alongside the boat and in the net. While Jackson was enjoying his first top-water striper action,

Crosswinds Guide Service 6-23-20

Crosswinds Guide Service 6-23-2020

Pretty rough fishing both morning and afternoon today. It was a tough bite for us early but as the morning went on they got a little less tight lipped. We ended up scratching out a limit but they were a little smaller and hard to come by. Things got a little better as the day went on. The afternoon bite was a little better but we still had to work pretty hard to pull our 80 fish limit. Live bait in all depths today. As shallow as 12ft and as deep as 50ft

Adventure Texoma Outdoors 5-16-20

Adventure Texoma Outdoors 5-16-20

These stripers are returning from the spawn and they are hungry. All of my trips are limiting out lately and the larger fish are finally showing up for me. The last few days the topwater bite has really been good but I’m also catching lots of fish on slabs. There’s still a lot of birds out there to help you find them and if they aren’t as big as you were looking for then keep moving. There are lots of small fish in the lake. The shad are also spawning and I must say, there is a lot of bait in the lake for the fish to fatten up on. It’s really looking to be an excellent year for fishing here on Lake Texoma! I’ve been using pencil poppers for topwater fishing and Pline Sassin jigs in 2oz. when they go deep. I can finally say things are starting to get back to normal. People are finally getting back out and I’m really glad to be back in my boat. If you love topwater fishing like I do you really need to get on my books before I get booked up. It’s been a great few weeks here on Beautiful Lake Texoma!

Birds, Birds, Birds

by Brian Prichard – Stripers, Inc. 11-28-2019

Birds, birds, birds everywhere! It is nice to be able to scan the horizon to utilize the the advantage of a bird’s eye view to search for fish, it certainly makes my job easier. November – December is some of the most consistent fishing of the year, bringing home limits of nice fat stripers caught under feeding seagulls is a common occurrence here on Lake Texoma during this time.

It is a magical experience to join the fray of the feeding frenzy between fish, bird, and human, and with the booming population of fish, there are plenty of frenzies to join in on around the lake. Following the birds

Gulls Working Striper All Over the Lake

by Capt. Steve Barnes Lake Texoma Fishing Guide 11-15-2019

Well looks like winter is here early. Gulls working on schooling striper all over the lake.

Looks like we are in for some great striper fishing this winter on Lake Texoma. Winter is my favorite time of year for striper fishing. I prefer to fish artificial baits and more often than not artificial will out fish live bait in the winter time for size and numbers.

Texoma has cooled into the mid 60’s so fish are aggressive and can be caught on a variety of lures. Swimbaits, slabs, and trolling A-rigs work very well in working birds right now. As the water cools into the 50’s the dead stick bite will start to take over but we will talk more about that in a later report. Bundle up and get out there the fish are on the biggest schooling time of the year.Attachments area

Fall is Here and Striper Fishing is Heating Up

by Capt. Steve Barnes Lake Texoma Fishing Guide

We had a great summer on Texoma this year but summer keeps dragging on. I’m ready for some fall weather and if the forecast is correct we should finally see some cooler weather next week.

Fishing is still very good despite the heat but the cooler weather will improve the fishing and make it even better. I have been trolling A-rigs but have heard of fish being caught on slabs, swim baits, top waters, and live shad. Fish have been schooling up on the surface in just about every depth of water but primarily on the flats in 20-40 foot. The cold fronts will bring gulls from up north so schooling fish will be easier to locate.

Fishing should be excellent and very consistent from now until it gets very cold in January or February. We might hit a little bump in the road when the lake turns over in a few weeks but it will be short lived. Bigger fish will get more active with the cooler weather.

Boat traffic has made the weekend fishing tougher this summer but should ease up some with hunting season getting started. Fall is a great time to fish Lake Texoma so call or text me for available dates. Capt. Steve 940-841-0910

Striper Express

Words from the Ole Captain

Bill Carey, Striper Express 9/26/19 (903) 786-4477

Greetings from the lake! Fall fishing is almost here. Mother Nature has it figured out. Just about the time we are tired of the weather, she changes it – 4 times a year. It’s late September and with cooler temperatures that means it’s Top Water Time! We go early and cast big plugs on the shallow banks. With top water lures the chance of the biggest fish of the day is worth the price of admission by itself!

You never know when that big sow will strike. I’ve seen the fish come from nowhere and grab the last hook as you are raising your plug out of the water. Then the birds arrive. Thousands of seagulls migrate to Texoma for the Winter. I joke that they are better fish finders than the high dollar units on the boats. We have stories of fishing under the birds that are so good, you must be here to believe them.

 It’s been a good year. Our biologist’s data says there are more stripers than ever. And 37% are over 20” or as long as your leg. That’s a great forecast for superb fishing. How about a drive in daycation? Easier than 9 holes of golf! When the water cools in November remember that we board and depart at 10:30am all winter till the time change in March. We do this for all of the right reasons. #1: The fish bite all day. #2: Makes a simpler drive for most. #3: And 10 to 15 degrees of solar heat is welcomed at 10:30 on a cool January and February day.

 “Remember December” it is our second favorite month of the year. There’s no doubt it’s getting warmer and December is an extension of the November fishing.

 Get ready for the legendary Fall Texoma fishing. Call us and MT or I will get you fixed up to catch some mean and sassy striped bass.

Stripers Inc

Sept 9, 2019 – Fishing was awesome Sunday! We caught fish on topwater early, then switched to slabs later in the morning and caught em as fast as we could drop them down.
Come make memories with us!

Adventure Texoma Outdoors

Sept 4, 2019 – The topwater bite is still going strong here on Texoma!!! It’s been a long hot month but the fishing has been even hotter. We are catching limits pretty easily lately and these fish now have large schools of bait to keep them going. They are feeding all over the lake and looking healthier every day.

I’ve been using pencil poppers to get my box fish and some days we catch over 100 of those. Then I switch to big slabs to get my big fish when I find them with my graph.

The lake is really doing well and the fishing this fall should be excellent. I still have lots of weekdays open but my weekend dates are full now until mid November. If you’d like to get in on some excellent topwater fishing then give me a call and we will find a date for you and your group. It’s been a great month here on Beautiful Lake Texoma!


Crosswinds Guide Service 8/31/2019

My man Jeff and crew today. Great families to spend the day with!!! With no wind and heavy boat traffic we forced the live bait bite as much as we could. Ended up coming in with a fat limit and released a dozen overs on the process. I am in no way saying that it was easy. But like just about everything else in life. Hard work usually pays off in the end. Today was no exception.

Thankfully I had a good crew that wasn’t afraid to put in that work!!!…. Total fish tally 79 Striped Bass, 9 stupid drum, 14 stupid catfish, 2 Largemouth Bass, and 1 Spotted Bass. Not bad for Labor Day wknd with no wind and heavy boat traffic

Capt Steve Lake Texoma Fishing Guide

Fishing on Lake Texoma has been an absolute slaughter this spring for big fish. Daily bag limit for striper on Texoma is 10 but only two can be 20 inches or longer and most of the fish we are catching this year are over 20 inches. I guess it’s a good problem to have but in reality we should be harvesting more of the larger fish this year.

Anyways back to the fishing. If you can get some shad the fishing has been incredible on ledges and humps in 20 to 50 foot water. Topwater bite has been coming around and I’m betting that slabbing and trolling will be on in another week or so. Shad seem to be coming back and there is small shad all over the lake with 6-12 inch striper schooling on them every day.

Just a matter of time till the shad get big enough to attract the larger fish , usually late June early July. Most guides are staying booked up so better get booked if you want in on the action this summer. Check out this video hand feeding the striper at the cleaning table

Little Jon’s Striper Guide

6/8/19 -The fishing on texoma has absolutely been on fire. Get in on the action give us a call 580-564-6076. Our trips are 125 a person 375 minimum. We furnish all gear,bait and clean and bag your fish when we are done.

Lake Texoma anglers with big batch of stripers

Crosswinds Guide Service May 25, 2019

Double digits baby!!! 3 boat trip with my main man Harl, J.D. and crew. Brad, Travis, and myself on this one. The hooks were full of double digit fish and a whole PILE of box fish to go with. I fell behind early but that’s easy to do when your boys are busting them right off the bat. I never got a piece of the double digits but I’m glad the boys got our guys on some monsters. If I’m the weak link on a group trip, we’re in pretty darn good shape 😉. Trav had his box full in what felt like minutes. Brad and I had a problem finding anything under 20 inches. We both settled in on a little edge and finally got our stockings stuffed and headed in. Thanks a million to Harl, JD, and crew. And of course to Travis and Bradley for making multiple boat trips easy to pull off. Now let’s start the weekend!

Fishing on Lake Texoma 5-4-2019 with Stripers Inc.

Stripers Inc May 4, 2019

Fishing is awesome right now! We are using live bait, anchored over a ledge in 40 ft, and catching them as fast as you can reel them in. We are catching lots of big fish over 20 in. up to 8-10 pounds and having to work to catch all of our smaller fish to fill out our limits. I fished a double today, going out with a trip in the morning and again in the evening. I don’t usually fish doubles too often as I enjoy my family time in the evenings but Mark needed help with a three boat trip this evening. We always help each other out on these big trips and we can accommodate large groups of as many people as you want to bring. Our summer is booking up fast so now is the time to plan your next fishing adventure.
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Fishing with Captain Steve on Lake Texoma

Fishing Report by Capt Steve Barnes April 23, 2019

Capt Steve Barnes – Lake Texoma Striper Guide

Lake Texoma striper fishing is really going strong, with the water temperature rising the fish get more active.

I made the switch from artificial bait to live bait last week, as I do every year about this time and the success rate has been 100% on getting limits every trip. The down side is that bait is pretty tough to catch. Read more….

Fishing Lake Texoma 3-20-2019

Fishing Report by Capt Steve Barnes

March 21, 2019 – Capt Steve Barnes

Lake Texoma striper fishing has really come alive this week with the arrival of spring. Big striper are on a feed frenzy getting ready to make their annual spring spawning run up the Washita and Red rivers.

As the shallow waters warm fish move up out of the river channel to feed on shad. The fish are on the move so anglers need to be persistent and stay on the move looking for active fish.

My bait of choice for early spring is a 5″ swim bait on a 1oz jig head. Trolling is also effective this time of year and on days when my customers can’t cast well we troll. The last few days the big striper have been on a tear and we have been releasing many over 20″ fish on recent trips. Read more…

Stripers Inc. March 11, 2019

I got the privilege to take these young ladies out fishing today for their spring break vacation and thankfully the fishing was awesome! We caught fish the whole time we were out until they all got tired of catching. We kept a few to take home for the table and turned the rest loose. The girls were all excellent fisher-women and everyone caught fish. All of our fish were caught on lures dead sticking pink flukes in deep water. Another great day on Lake Texoma!
Come Make memories with us!

Large striped bass caught on Lake Texoma

Capt Steve Barnes February Fishing Report

Capt Steve Barnes – Lake Texoma Striper Guide

March is big fish month on Texoma — Big fat pre-spawn fish will move up out of the deep water to feed before making their annual run up the river. February fishing is ok but I love the springtime so……read more

Striper fishing on Lake Texoma with Crosswinds Guide Service 2/15/2019

Crosswinds Guide Service February 15, 2019

Modest day today. We had a nice little run early while deadsticking. And then we hit a wall for what seemed like forever. We tried some swimbait fishing and hit a late homer to at least finish on a high note. 8-12 ft was money while casting structure but I did pop one in 3-1/2 feet. We released four really solid fish up to 8 pounds and kept the rest. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll snap out of the slump. Makes me grouchy when my fish box isn’t busting at the seams .

Adventure Texoma Outdoors January 31, 2019

Winter fishing has been excellent here on Lake Texoma! Serious anglers know that this is the best time of year to fish if your wanting to land the big ones. You gotta dress for it but there really isn’t a better time to fish. I’ve been dead sticking five inch flukes in both pink and banana colors when there is less wind and drifting a rigs when the wind is up to catch these big Texoma striped bass. This pattern should continue to produce good for us through the winter and into spring. Still have quite a bit of weekday availability in February. Give me a call to get your group out on the water while the big ones are biting. It’s been a great month here on Beautiful Lake Texoma!

Stripers Inc – January 25, 2019

By Texoma standards, we didnt catch a lot of fish yesterday but the fish we did catch were good sized, and a slow day on Texoma is still some good fishing. We had our limit of fish we are allowed over 20″ and turned a couple of big fish loose. We’re catching everything on lures now, yesterday we fished structure in 20ft casting sassy shad for the best bite. 
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January 21, 2019

How is the fishing on the Red River below the dam? Looks pretty good to me! A local angler posted this photo on the Lake Texoma Fishing Forum.

Striper Express January 18, 2019

Today-Josh C. from Plano 
25 pounds 37 inches!
our largest fish in 4 years.
CPR (catch picture release)
call today 903-786-4477
or visit

Stripers Inc – January 6, 2019

When a mother takes her son fishing in the cold while he is home on leave and catches the biggest fish! Come make memories on Lake Texoma.

Adventure Texoma Outdoors  December 29, 2018

Every year I do my best to get my best clients to come fish with me this time of year and this is why. This is the best time of year to catch a trophy fish. This month has been incredible and I’m awe struck when I think about how fast this incredible fishery has rebounded from the floods of 2015. Lots of big fish are being released this time of year and fishing really couldn’t be much better. I have quite a few dates left this month if you want to try your luck. I’m fishing almost entirely with KC School Em A rigs with Bass Assassin sea shad baits on reels equipped with 65# Pline braid. It’s been a great month here on Beautiful Lake Texoma!

Winter is here on Lake Texoma. Fishing has been good with the recent warm spell but larger fish have been a little scarce. The colder winter temperatures with chances of rain (or even snow) turn the big fish on so fish the Winter season on Texoma.  Read more….

Fishing Lake Texoma with Stripers Inc 11-18-2018

December 8, 2018 | Bill CareyStriper Express

This month is our second favorite month of the year. There’s no doubt Decembers are not as cold as they used to be. It’s like an extension of the fall season. The water has cooled down and the fish love it. You have the best of both worlds. Both lots of numbers and large size of stripers.  The stripers are comfortable in cooler water. They are on the prowl in schools and putting on weight. Just this week, Miss Lorina S. from Oklahoma City landed a monster fish, pushing the scales at 20 pounds. Lots of double digit (10 pound +) fish are daily now.

November 18, 2018 | Stripers Inc

Catching fish is a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends and now is a great time to come. We’re consistently catching our limit of fish with several larger fish in the mix too. We’ve been using mostly live bait fishing on anchor in 20 foot of water. Lures are working too and I’m always ready to switch over and play catch and release with lures after we catch our limit on bait.

October 31, 2018

by Capt. Steve Barnes Lake Texoma Fishing Guide

Capt Steve Barnes – Lake Texoma Striper Guide

Fall fishing is in full swing at Lake Texoma and the fishing is great!

Lake levels continue to fall and should be back to normal in a few weeks. A couple of weeks ago we were 11 feet high but with the flood gate releases we are currently only 8 feet above normal and falling about 5 inches per day. It has been tough to find a boat ramp open but more ramps should be usable in the near future. I keep my boat in a slip at Lighthouse Marina so the flood has not impacted my ability to get on the water.

The main lake is pretty stained but the creek arms are clear. The striper don’t seem to mind a little stain but it’s best to look for them in the cleaner water. Watch for the birds. The last few weeks the fish under the working birds have been pretty small but as it gets colder bigger fish will show up in the schools under the birds.

Shallow water structure and rocky points 5-25 feet seem to be holding the larger fish but as the water cools everything should move deeper. Live shad is still best for putting limits in the boat but we are just a few cold fronts away from the time I switch to artificial baits. When it gets cold enough that you really don’t want to get your hands wet in a bait tank that is usually time to make the switch. That’s about it for now but my next report I’m hoping for normal lake levels, also look for more information on artificial lures as I make the switch.

October 21, 2018 | Stripers, Inc | Brian Prichard

In the fall, some of the larger stripers will congregate in the shallows to enjoy the cooler temperatures and they are also attracted to the vegetation. This makes for an excellent opportunity for topwater fishing, some of the most exciting fishing of the year. Typically we are blind casting up into the shallows where I think the fish may be and often times, if the fish are there, they will explode on the lure on the first cast. This may last all day if it is cloudy and rainy but if the sun is out, the fish will move out into deeper water after the first hour or so of daylight. The fish on topwater are mostly over 20” so we are not able to keep many  Read more….

Lake Texoma fishing with Shawn Morales 10-19-2018

October 20, 2018 | Crosswinds Guide Service (Shawn Morales)

We chipped away on a limit with my Edmond crew in the morning. We just bounced around and caught a few here and there on 40ft of water. The last run of fish were the most aggressive which landed us a perfect box of fish……..My afternoon trip was some awesome dudes from Hinton. We grinded a limit and then hit a big fish home run at the end. They were swirling on big gizzards in shallow water. We long casted our baits on the bottom and kept those fat fish just slurp them up off of the bottom. Between that and swimbaits it was one heck of a grand finale!!

October 11, 2018

by Captain Steve Barnes

Lake Texoma fishing has been very good this year, limits on every trip! But believe it or not it’s about to get better. Fall is here and with lows dipping down into the 50’s at night the water temp is dropping and the fish are getting more active. With each passing cold front we will get more and more gulls (birds) showing up on the lake that will lead us to schooling striper.

Once you locate the fish you can catch them on live bait or lures. Topwater lures (like pencil poppers) will work good until the water temp drops down into the lower 60’s then swim baits in a shad or minnow profile usually work better. My preferred swim bait is a 5″ shad body on a 1oz jig head in chartreuse glitter or glow. Live bait is king right now but as the water cools in November lures will usually out produce live bait.

Fall is one of my favorite times to fish on Lake Texoma, cooler temps,less boat traffic, and schooling fish so call me up and lets go catching.

October 17, 2018 |Advantage Guide Service

A little wet but the #striperfishing was great!

Fishing on Lake Texoma 9-15-2018

September 15, 2018 Crosswinds Guide Service

Shawn Morales
Crosswinds Striper Guide Service

Very fun crew of first time customers today. We definitely had to work hard for them. Typical Saturday boat traffic. The fish never really got going until later. We kept bouncing around and finally finished on a lights out school of stripers that were full throttle and wide open!!! Live shad in 67ft of water. Fishing 40ft down. I’m thinking that today’s crew may have just went from first time customers to repeats. Just the way I look like it!!

Lake Texoma striper fishing is still going strong.

Live bait seems to be the best way to go right now. Small fish are abundant but better fish can be caught if you can find them. Striper move a lot this time of year and don’t surface as much so finding them with sonar is key.

Cooler weather is just around the corner and that should get the big fish moving again. We might see some topwater action after we get a cold front or two. Birds will show up with cold fronts and the striper will go on a bigtime feed in November and December.

Well the 2017 season and year is behind us and it is time to gear up for 2018! 2017 was a great year starting off with the Winter bite in January, February and March…lots of good box fish (fish under 20 inches) and a few good big ones! All the Winter Stripers were caught on swim baits on shallow  more…..

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Recent Lake Records

Record White Bass on Lake Texoma

A new lake record White Bass has been caught at Lake Texoma

  A new lake record white bass was caught at Lake Texoma by Kylee Miller of Erick on August 4, 2017. The record fish weighed in at 3.75 pounds with a length of 18 inches and girth of 13.5 inches.

Barbara Pope breaks record!

A new lake record striper has been caught on Lake Texoma

Barbara Pope caught this 24.7 pound striped bass from Lake Texoma last Thursday. Barbara was fishing with striper guide Chris Carey. While heavier striped bass have been caught in previous years at Texoma, this fish represents the largest striped bass submitted to the Oklahoma Lake Records Program since its inception in 2008.  Check out the full details at

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