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Lake Texoma Fishing Reports

November 14, 2018 | Texas Parks and Wildlife Department | Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Water stained to muddy; 51–54 degrees; 2.67’ high. Black bass are fair on Texas rigged craws, bladed jigs and spinnerbaits. Crappie are good on minnows and jigs. Striped bass are fair on slabs. Catfish are slow on trotlines. Please call ahead to confirm ramps are open.

Lake Texoma Fishing Reports Oklahoma Department Wildlife
November 14, 2018 | Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation | Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Elevation above normal, water muddy. Fishing below the dam has been good the past week. Striped bass good on live bait, shad and topwater lures below the dam, along the dam, flats and main lake. Blue catfish good below the dam, main lake and river channel. Blue cats have been biting in early mornings on cut bait (shad and drum).  Channel catfish good on chicken liver, punch bait and worms below the dam, along creek channels and main lake. Channel Cats will bite throughout most of the day on punch bait and worms. Go to Rooster Creek with worms if on the lake, tons of small channel cats in there. Would be a great spot for kids or the impatient because the bite is normally fast. Stripers are being caught below the dam and on the lake, live shad is best for all locations. Report submitted by Trey Hale, game warden stationed in Bryan County

     Zebra Mussel Alert!  To prevent the spread of zebra mussels, the law requires draining of water from boats and onboard receptacles when leaving or approaching public fresh waters. Get details.

Lake Texoma fishing guide reports – most recent

Fishing Lake Texoma with Stripers Inc 11-18-2018November 18, 2018 | Stripers Inc

Catching fish is a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends and now is a great time to come. We’re consistently catching our limit of fish with several larger fish in the mix too. We’ve been using mostly live bait fishing on anchor in 20 foot of water. Lures are working too and I’m always ready to switch over and play catch and release with lures after we catch our limit on bait.

October 31, 2018

by Capt. Steve Barnes Lake Texoma Fishing Guide

Fall fishing is in full swing at Lake Texoma and the fishing is great!

Lake levels continue to fall and should be back to normal in a few weeks. A couple of weeks ago we were 11 feet high but with the flood gate releases we are currently only 8 feet above normal and falling about 5 inches per day. It has been tough to find a boat ramp open but more ramps should be usable in the near future. I keep my boat in a slip at Lighthouse Marina so the flood has not impacted my ability to get on the water.

The main lake is pretty stained but the creek arms are clear. The striper don’t seem to mind a little stain but it’s best to look for them in the cleaner water. Watch for the birds. The last few weeks the fish under the working birds have been pretty small but as it gets colder bigger fish will show up in the schools under the birds.

Shallow water structure and rocky points 5-25 feet seem to be holding the larger fish but as the water cools everything should move deeper. Live shad is still best for putting limits in the boat but we are just a few cold fronts away from the time I switch to artificial baits. When it gets cold enough that you really don’t want to get your hands wet in a bait tank that is usually time to make the switch. That’s about it for now but my next report I’m hoping for normal lake levels, also look for more information on artificial lures as I make the switch.


October 21, 2018 | Stripers, Inc | Brian Prichard

In the fall, some of the larger stripers will congregate in the shallows to enjoy the cooler temperatures and they are also attracted to the vegetation. This makes for an excellent opportunity for topwater fishing, some of the most exciting fishing of the year. Typically we are blind casting up into the shallows where I think the fish may be and often times, if the fish are there, they will explode on the lure on the first cast. This may last all day if it is cloudy and rainy but if the sun is out, the fish will move out into deeper water after the first hour or so of daylight. The fish on topwater are mostly over 20” so we are not able to keep many  Read more….

Lake Texoma fishing with Shawn Morales 10-19-2018October 20, 2018 | Crosswinds Guide Service (Shawn Morales)

We chipped away on a limit with my Edmond crew in the morning. We just bounced around and caught a few here and there on 40ft of water. The last run of fish were the most aggressive which landed us a perfect box of fish……..My afternoon trip was some awesome dudes from Hinton. We grinded a limit and then hit a big fish home run at the end. They were swirling on big gizzards in shallow water. We long casted our baits on the bottom and kept those fat fish just slurp them up off of the bottom. Between that and swimbaits it was one heck of a grand finale!!

Lake Texoma fishing with Advantage Guide Service 10-17-2018October 17, 2018 |Advantage Guide Service

A little wet but the #striperfishing was great!

October 11, 2018

by Lake Texoma Fishing Guide – Capt Steve

Lake Texoma fishing has been very good this year, limits on every trip! But believe it or not it’s about to get better. Fall is here and with lows dipping down into the 50’s at night the water temp is dropping and the fish are getting more active. With each passing cold front we will get more and more gulls (birds) showing up on the lake that will lead us to schooling striper.
Once you locate the fish you can catch them on live bait or lures. Topwater lures (like pencil poppers) will work good until the water temp drops down into the lower 60’s then swim baits in a shad or minnow profile usually work better. My preferred swim bait is a 5″ shad body on a 1oz jig head in chartreuse glitter or glow. Live bait is king right now but as the water cools in November lures will usually out produce live bait.
Fall is one of my favorite times to fish on Lake Texoma, cooler temps,less boat traffic, and schooling fish so call me up and lets go catching.


Fishing on Lake Texoma 9-15-2018September 15, 2018 | Crosswinds Guide Service

Very fun crew of first time customers today. We definitely had to work hard for them. Typical Saturday boat traffic. The fish never really got going until later. We kept bouncing around and finally finished on a lights out school of stripers that were full throttle and wide open!!! Live shad in 67ft of water. Fishing 40ft down. I’m thinking that today’s crew may have just went from first time customers to repeats. Just the way I look like it!!

Shawn Morales
Crosswinds Striper Guide Service

September 6, 2018

by Lake Texoma Fishing Guide – Capt Steve

Lake Texoma striper fishing is still going strong.

Live bait seems to be the best way to go right now. Small fish are abundant but better fish can be caught if you can find them. Striper move a lot this time of year and don’t surface as much so finding them with sonar is key.

Cooler weather is just around the corner and that should get the big fish moving again. We might see some topwater action after we get a cold front or two. Birds will show up with cold fronts and the striper will go on a bigtime feed in November and December.


August 9, 2018

by Capt Steve –  Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide

Striper fishing remains very good on Lake Texoma. We have been fishing live bait in 40 to 60 foot of water and catching limits every trip.

Fish have been pretty easy to catch but bait has been a little tough to catch and that’s one more good reason to hire a guide.

Summer is winding down but it’s not to late for a great striper trip on Lake Texoma.


Lake Texoma Fishing 8-9-2018Adventure Texoma Outdoors  |  August 9, 2018

The temps are getting hotter and so is the slab bite. Rob Kornegy from Tulsa and his group fished with me today. These young guns caught on real quick and we caught around 40 fish today and released quite a few overs. We had one really good one break the line right at the boat today that would have been a nice trophy. Seeing lots of fish following hooked fish up to the boat and catching a few fish on top around the slab fish. Just another great day on Lake Texoma.


Stripers Inc. | August 7, 2018

Fishing is excellent right now here on Lake Texoma! We’re catching lots of big Stripers every morning using live shad and lures with a fish on every rod when they come through. Our current fish population is outstanding and this excellent fishing should continue all through fall and winter. Now is the time to plan your next trip.
Come Make Memories With Us!

Ashley and Marcus Davis and Brandi Peck and hubbyAdventure Texoma OutdoorsJuly 29 at 9:33 AM

Lots of big fish being caught this summer. Lake Texoma fishing has exceeded just about everyone’s expectations this year for both numbers of fish and quality. I’ve been chasing fish with topwaters early in the mornings and then switching over to slabs. I’m using pencil poppers to get my big fish caught and then going to my favorite slab, the Pline sassin jig in 2-3 oz for box fish though I still catch lots of long fish on it as well. Most days we are putting back lots of big fish trying to find the smaller fish to fill the box. August is almost completely booked up already but I do have a couple days left. Come get in on some of this awesome top water fishing before it’s over. It’s been a great month here on Beautiful Lake Texoma! #pline #plinefishing #reaxtionlures#laketexomafishingguide #bestoftexoma

July 18, 2018

by Capt Steve –  Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide

Lake Texoma is in full summer fishing pattern and for me that means trolling. You can catch some striper early in the morning before sunrise running close to the bank throwing top water or swim baits but once the sun starts to come up look for them schooling in open water — they won’t stay up long so better get them while it’s hot because once they go down they get a little tougher to track and catch.

If trolling is not your thing you can still catch them on slabs and live bait out in the open water but, for me, trolling consistently puts bigger fish in the boat when the fish are schooled up and running fast. Boats really stack up on these fast moving schools of fish this time of year.

Trollers don’t like bait fishermen sitting in the way and bait fishermen don’t like trollers passing so close but that’s Lake Texoma in the summer time and there is no sense fussing about it. Good Luck and stay safe.

Big Striper Lake TexomaLake Texoma Fishing Spots – Lake Texoma Summer Fishing
6/19/2018 Guide Stephen Andre

Lake Texoma Summer Fishing can be a lot of fun with Big Striper Fish and good numbers of Striper if you know the good Lake Texoma Fishing Spots. Here are my top 5 Lake Texoma Fishing Spots. Any of the following spots on any given day can hold Big Striper and good quantities of Striper as well.

My #1 Lake Texoma Fishing Spots for Lake Texoma Summer Fishing is STRIPER ALLEY. This area is located along the south shoreline bluffs from the Lake Texoma Denison Dam, along the bluffs and up to Grandpappy’s Marina. Beginning in late June or early July, Lake Texoma striper have completed their annual spawning run up the rivers and will return to the deep, cool, and clear water located down by the

Fishing Lake Texoma with Steve Barnes 5-4-2018Texoma Striper Report
May 4, 2018 by Capt Steve

Fishing has been pretty tough with the wind and below average temps but it can’t stay windy and cold forever so we have some great fishing to look forward to.

I believe a good number of our larger fish have moved from the lake up into the Red and Washita rivers to spawn, they usually show up back in the lake about the second week of May.

Lake Texoma Striper Report

4/3/2018 by  Lake Texoma Striper Guide – Capt. Steve Barnes

Lake elevation is 616.51 and water temp at the dam is 58 degrees. Fishing this time of year is up and down much like the weather but it’s like anything else in life you have to take a risk for the big rewards.

May and June are usually a sure thing but if you are looking for the biggest striper of the year late February-mid April is usually your best shot at a trophy size pre-spawn striper. Fishing has been very good on Texoma the read more….

March 27, 2018 | Captain Stephen Andre Striper Hunter Guide

Lake Texoma Spring 2018 Update!

Well old man Winter is behind us and Spring is here! Winter was a good on Lake Texoma. Numerous good box fish (under 20 inches) and some really nice overs (fish over 20 inches) were caught. Many days we caught limits of fish and threw some back as well to grow up and fight another day.

The Lake Texoma is in good condition. The Striper population is good, the food source (threadfin and gizzard shad) is good as well. Some areas of the lake are muddy for the rains a month ago, and the lake is at Read more….


March 20, 2018

Lake elevation is 616.62 and water temp has warmed up to 57 degrees. With the water heating up the striper fishing just keeps getting better and should continue to improve as water temp rises more. Limits of box fish (striper under 20″) are being caught drifting live shad in the river channel and up on the flats.

Larger fish are in a pre-spawn pattern and staged up on shallow structure in 10-25 foot. Lots of big striper caught last week and the pattern should hold thru early April. Trolling and casting swimbaits and A-rigs in the usual colors,chartruse and glow.

Most of the action is midlake since upper ends of the lake are still pretty muddy. Flood gates are open releasing 6,0590 cubic feet a second but with the current lake level I look for gates to be closed at anytime and water should clear up on the upper ends but since it is spring time we could get more rain and more stained water.

2018 look so be the best fishing we have had since 2014 so get your Lake Texoma striper guide trip booked today.
Capt Steve –  Texoma Striper Guide

Captain Steve BarnesTexoma Fishing Report Feb 28, 2018

Fishing on Texoma has slowed down this past week but looks like Spring is just about here and fishing will drastically improve in the coming days with the warmer temps. Water temp is 44 but with warmer weather and longer days we should heat up into the 50’s pretty soon. When this happens bait and fish will move up into shallower water on points, humps and flats.  Read more….


Remember Lake Texoma 2017

Lake Texoma 2017, What a Year!

Well the 2017 season and year is behind us and it is time to gear up for 2018! 2017 was a great year starting off with the Winter bite in January, February and March…lots of good box fish (fish under 20 inches) and a few good big ones! All the Winter Stripers were caught on swim baits on shallow  more…..

Stripers Inc Fishing 2-17-2018Stripers Inc – Source:  Brian Prichard Lake Texoma Fishing Forum – 2-17-2018

It was a gorgeous day to be out on the water! We are still fishing sassy along the bottom over structure. Today we caught fish from 20 to 38 foot of water. There are tons of fish in the lake and we’ve had good steady fishing for several months now. Its going to be a great year.
Come make memories with us!

Captain John Blasingame 2-17-2018John Blasingame – 2-17-2018

Another great day on Beautiful Lake Texoma. Lots of fish willing to bite today. Even caught a couple double digit fish. We release all big fish over 10lbs. CPR (catch, photograph, release). Even saw a pair of eagles today.

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Recent Lake Records


Record White Bass on Lake TexomaA new lake record white bass was caught at Lake Texoma by Kylee Miller of Erick on August 4, 2017. The record fish weighed in at 3.75 pounds with a length of 18 inches and girth of 13.5 inches.

Barbara Pope breaks record!
Barbara Pope breaks record!

A new lake record fish has been caught!

Barbara Pope caught this 24.7 pound striped bass from Lake Texoma last Thursday. Barbara was fishing with striper guide Chris Carey. While heavier striped bass have been caught in previous years at Texoma, this fish represents the largest striped bass submitted to the Oklahoma Lake Records Program since its inception in 2008.  Check out the full details at

Adventure Texoma Outdoors-1-31-2015