Lake Texoma Fishing Reports

 Most Recent Lake Texoma Fishing Reports Texas and Oklahoma Wildlife Departments 


Lake Texoma Fishing Reports

March 23, 2017 | Texas Parks and Wildlife Department | Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Water lightly stained; 63–67 degrees; 2.98′ low. Black bass are good on shallow crankbaits, spinnerbaits and shakeyhead worms. Crappie are good on minnows. Striped bass are good on slabs. Catfish are good on trotlines.

Lake Texoma Fishing Reports Oklahoma Department Wildlife
March 20, 2017 | Oklahoma | Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Elevation normal, water 54-61 and cloudy to stained. Striped and white bass fair on live bait and live shad at 20-25 ft. in the main lake, river channel and river mouth. Blue, channel and flathead catfish good on juglines and trotlines baited with cut bait, live shad and shad along channel, creek channels, inlet, the main lake, riprap, river channel, river mouth and rocks. Crappie fair on hair jigs, jigs, live bait, minnows, plastic baits, sassy shad and tube jigs at 5-10 ft. around brush structure, channels, in coves, creek channels, docks, points, rocks and standing timber. Report submitted by Bob Wingo, game warden stationed in Bryan County.

     Zebra Mussel Alert!  To prevent the spread of zebra mussels, the law requires draining of water from boats and onboard receptacles when leaving or approaching public fresh waters. Get details.

Big Swimbaits Catch Bass Everywhere

By Pete M. Anderson

Osborne is one of the few Americans who know exactly when it’s time to change the clocks, either forward in spring or back in fall. That’s because those activities coincide with the best times for catching giant bass on big swimbaits.  Read more

Lake Texoma fishing guide reports – most recent

Big Mineral Crappie GigJohn Stephens caught 27 crappie at Big Mineral!! The crappie are getting ready for the Crappie Gig here on March 25, 2017!!!

Mark Banister 3-9-2017Mark Banister| Adventure Texoma | 3/10/17
Had a two man trip this morning. Found the birds working and it was on we had a limit and was throwing back fish by 8:30!!!

I’ve still been throwing Alabama rigs in 15-30 ftw. Slabs and live bait have also been working.
Looks like the weathers going to be great over spring break. Still have some openings available get the kids out on the water and make some memories!!

Bill Carey Striper Express 2-23-2017Bill Carey | Striper Express | 2-23-2017

Fishing continues to sizzle! This spawn is coming early this year it sure does seem. Sandbass and striped bass look like they are exploding they are so fat. With the Oklahoma side record at 3 lbs. 9 oz. and the Texas side record at 3 lbs. 6 oz. we are torn catching 3 lbs. 7 oz. and 3 lbs. 8 oz. Sandy’s whether to certify them or not but we are waiting for the one that is 3 lbs. 10 oz. or better. Sure hope we can get one in the boat & clean sweep the record! These are MASSIVE WHITE BASS FOLKS! I sure hope we get it but I do feel someone is going to get it soon these are just too big. We here at striper express guide service would love to take you on one of these charters on beautiful Lake Texoma. All you need to do is go to or give us a call at 903-786-4477 to schedule your date.

Lake Texoma Mid-Winter Fishing ReportLAKE TEXOMA MID-WINTER FISHING REPORT!!

Mid-winter fishing on Lake Texoma has been great! Nice catches of Striper and Sandbass. All are being caught on artificial swimbaits on points and ledges in 8 to 25 feet of water. Casting out, letting it sink to or near the bottom, slow retrieve and waiting for that tap to set the hook!  Read more….

Little John's Texoma Striper Guide Service 2-10-2017Little John’s Texoma Striper Guide Service | 2-10-2017

If you are dreaming of a trophy monster striped bass, now is the time to be fishing on Lake Texoma.  Winter is when these big striped bass are most active.


Crosswinds Guide Service 3-9-2017Crosswinds Guide Service | 3-9-2017

Grinded out a decent box today. I really enjoyed this couple. Lots of fun.

JD Lyle 3-8-2017JD Lyle’s Lake Texoma Fishing Service | 3-8-2017

Man what a nice day today. Calm winds and bright blue skies !! Sure was a nice change 🙂
Had the same group I had yesterday !!

Our first spit produced a huge crappie and a small sand bass. Then went and fished the muddy area I left yesterday and it was game on. First drift lasted about 90 minutes of pretty steady action often time having multiple fish on.: had a lot of bigger fish today and some solid box fish. Then we continued to boat fish pretty steady till we headed in about 11 ish
All our big fish got released to go spawn and they kept about a dozen good box fish to take home and eat!
Probably was my best day since I’ve been back for numbers and size
Only got one pic again today. Here is Paola again from Spain with an over that was released

Glen Shirley’s StriperCat Guide Service | 2-9-2017

Glen Shirley's StriperCat Guide Service 2-9-2017

  You don’t need many words – the smiles tell the story!  Lake Texoma is a 4 season lake and winter is some of the best fishing of the year!


Crosswinds Guide Service 2-9-2017Crosswinds Guide Service | 1-9-2017

A limit of jumbo Sand Bass. And I mean JUMBO!! A few stripes mixed in and a good run of Blue Cats. We had a ball. Live bait and gray ice colored Flukes on yellow heads in 42 ft of water. We would slowly raise the Flukes about 4 ft. Then slowly let it back down and then “thump”.Very fun guys. They went home with 7 big bags of fillets

Lake Texoma fishing Stripers inc 1-22-2017Stripers Inc | 1-22-2017

Fishing was great today. We caught our limit throwing sassy shad. Who wants to go out tomorrow?

Question:  Why do you cut their throats?

Answer:  Stripers Inc. For one, I prefer to take their life in that way instead of unconsciously tossing them in the cooler which prolongs their death. Also it improves the quality of meat to bleed them out.

Lake Texoma fishing Crosswinds Guide Service 1-21-2017Crosswinds Guide Service | 1-21-2017

Fun way to start the day!

Yes, Lake Texoma is known as much for trophy cat as it is known for monster Striped Bass

  Crosswinds Guide Service | 1-15-2016

Very subtle bite. But they come alive when we put a hook in their face.

Adventure Texoma Outdoors | January 2017

The last couple weeks have been pretty good. We had a couple days that were a little slow after the last cold front and a day last week that I tried to fish and was blown off the water by a cold north wind, other than that it’s been pretty good. The bigger fish have certainly showed back up this winter and I think we may have overestimated the damage the flood did to the overall population. This time of year is the best time to catch a big fish and I’ve caught several in the 10 lb range and seen a couple that were close to 15 lbs. The spawns that we had the last couple of years look very strong and the lake has really recovered nicely. There’s more bait in the lake than I’ve seen in 25 years of fishing here so those young fish have plenty to forage on. That being said I believe this year is gonna be very good here on the big pond and I’m really looking forward to it.

Lake Texoma 2016, What a great year!

Lake Texoma version 2016 is winding down, and IT IS ENDING WITH A BANG! The colder weather and cool water has the Striper biting unlike I have seen in recent times on Lake Texoma!  Lake Texoma 2016; a year of recovery for Lake Texoma after the devastating flood of 2015. For Striper Hunter Guide Service, the beginning of the year was …Read more…

Little Jon's Texoma Striper Guide Serive 12-22-2016Little Jon’s Texoma Striper Guide Service | 12-22-2016

Just LOOK at those big, fat stripers!  Winter fishing on Lake Texoma is the experience of a lifetime.

Looks like Striper fishing on Lake Texoma is pretty darn good right now.

Cabin Fever Adventures 12-5-2016Cabin Fever Adventures 12-3-2016Cabin Fever Adventures | 12-5-2016

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fishing is so delightful!

Crosswinds Guide Service 11-19-2016Crosswinds Guide Service | 11-19-2016

Glen Shirley's Stripercat Guide ServiceGlen Shirleys Stripercat Guide Service | 11-19-2016

StripersStripers Inc 11-19-2016 Inc. | 111 – 19-2016

Today’s catch – fishing is good right now


Lake Texoma Fishing Report 11-12-2016 CrosswindsCrosswinds Guide Service | 11-12-2016

Group trip today. All 3 boats pulled limits of box fish Stripers mixed with some jumbo Sand Bass to top off the box.

Glen Shirley's StriperCat Guide Service 11-12-2016Glen Shirley Stripercat Guide Service | 11-12-2016

Had a great time fishing with Aaron, Javonie, and Anthony

Sparky's Guide Service 11-12-2016Sparky’s Guide Service | 11-12-2016

fish-crosswinds-11-10-16-oCrosswinds Guide Service | November 10, 2016

Guess who’s back? My favorite Cubs fan.87 year old, Bud. What a fisherman that guy is.

We had a great time and caught fish everywhere we went. We even put 18 of those big jumbo Sand Bass in with our limit of Stripers. We caught right at 90 fish on the day. I filleted and removed the rest meat out of 58 total.

Looks like the fishing was pretty good on Lake Texoma this weekend! 11-6-2016

Adventure Texoma Guide Service 10-19-2016Adventure Texoma Guide Service | 10-19-2016

Helped out another guide today with a big trip and we had a great day of fishing on Lake Texoma!


Bill Carey Fishing Report 10-14-2016Bill Carey | October 14, 2016

Fall Fishing is Here!

October is the beginning of the legendary fall fishing at Lake Texoma. The water temperature dipped a few degrees this week.

That Means Top Water Striper Fishing Time!

Captain Chris and Jimmy both had some top water action this week. They reported several stripers up to 5lbs and numerous blow ups. A blow up is when the fish strike and misses your plug.  There is nothing more exciting than having a hungry striper attack your top water plug. Ask any fisherman top water is the most exciting method of fishing.   We go out early in the mornings and start casting big top water plugs at first light on the shallow banks.

This trip was the best one I have ever been on!

Sarge Kellam had to say this about his recent trip; “Just wanted to Thank You again for a wonderful experience. Mike at 92 years young was as excited as a new, young fisherman with each fish he caught. Chris was an excellent guide. He not only put us on the fish, he made us feel very comfortable with his warm personality. I have fished with a number of guides over the years but this trip was the best one I have ever been on. When we got on those fish at first light, that top water action was the best thrill we have had in a long time. Your ladies in the office made us feel like family. We look forward to our next trip with you all in November.”

Crosswinds Guide Service 10-1-2016Crosswinds Guide Service | 10-1-2016

Girls trip today. They left the husbands at home and came down from Kansas to do a combo trip. We had a blast to say the least. We had a little topwater action early. But it didn’t last long. The rest were caught on anchor in 28ft of water using live bait. What a day! It’s always a blast when they come down. Thanks a million, girls.

Stripers Inc 10-1-2016 fish-stripers-inc-10-1-2016-2-oStripers Inc. | 10-1-2016

Fishing was good today, we’re getting some bigger fish on topwater now, a pattern which should continue through the end of October. Come see me!

Crosswinds Guide Service | 9-30-2016

A couple of 8 pounders to finish the day. Great guys from Midland TX. Things are shaping up as water temps cool. Those bigger Stripers are starting to show up. I’m starting to see a big time shift between artificials and live bait. It seems as if all of a sudden they want live bait. Where a week or two ago. They almost wouldn’t touch it.

Fishing with Adventure Texoma Outdoors 9/2016 fish-ato-9-24-2016-0Adventure Texoma Outdoors | 9-2016

The fishing has been really good for me lately. I’ve been catching around 80-100 fish a day and keeping an average of around 50. Lots of small fish but I keep moving around until I find what I want. Had some storms come in early and messed up my early bite a couple days last week but other than that it’s been very good. My weekends are pretty busy but I have some weekdays available and this cold front coming in tonight should make the fish bite better and everybody loves the cooler temps. I’ll be off tomorrow for my birthday so good luck everybody. It’s been a great couple weeks here on Beautiful Lake Texoma.

Crosswinds Guide Service 9-24-2016Crosswinds Guide Service | 9-24-2016
Today’s catch. Caught 60. Kept 42. The overcast was SO nice. Lots of fun with some awesome dudes from Wichita. Mostly on artificials but a few actually came on bait.

17 inch Sandies!
17 inch Sandies!

Great Weekend on Lake Texoma | Captain Stephen Andre’

September 12, 2016

Thunder, lightning, wind..ugh…Saturday as I was driving to the lake to get the boat ready for my trip, I almost called them and said go back to bed because of 40 mph winds, rain, and lightning…I’m glad I didn’t! We pulled out of the slip at 6:40 with light drizzle. By 7:15am it was game on!  Read more….

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Barbara Pope breaks record!
Barbara Pope breaks record!

A new lake record fish has been caught!

Barbara Pope caught this 24.7 pound striped bass from Lake Texoma last Thursday. Barbara was fishing with striper guide Chris Carey. While heavier striped bass have been caught in previous years at Texoma, this fish represents the largest striped bass submitted to the Oklahoma Lake Records Program since its inception in 2008.  Check out the full details at

Adventure Texoma Outdoors-1-31-2015