Lake Texoma Flood Update

Current lake conditions

Here is what it looked like May 10, 2019 at Denison Dam, where we are currently releasing flood water at a rate of 19,970 cubic feet per second.

 What’s Open and What’s Not on Lake Texoma

Keep in mind that while many of our Army Corps-managed boat ramps are closed, the lake is NOT closed and several commercial marinas around the lake have boat ramps that are open for business with access to the lake.

Current Lake Level

  • Pool elevation is 627.24 feet on Sunday 26May19 Time: 1200 hours
  • Reservoir release is 37,470 cubic feet per second on Sunday 26May19 Time:1200 hours.
  • 8.95 ft ABOVE normal
  • Flood control pool is 36.13% full
  • Normal Conservation Pool: 616′

Current Gate Settings

  • Conduit Gate 1 = 14.75 ft
  • Conduit Gate 4 = 14.75 ft
  • Conduit Gate 5 = 14.75 ft
  • Conduit Gate 6 = 14.75 ft

Current Release: 4770 cfs hydropower and 32,700  cfs Floodgates
Total Current Release = 37,470 cfs 

Total inflow = 34,785 cfs


Current lake level:


  • The top of the Denison Dam is 670 ft
  • Water goes over the spillway at 640.1 ft.
  • The Lake Texoma elevation hit a record high of 645.49 on May 29, 2015.
  • The Roosevelt Bridge closed on May 30, 2015 when the lake level reached 645.66 ft.
  • Lake Texoma crested June 1, 2015 at 645.72

Fishing Reports – the guides tell me the fishing is pretty fantastic right now!  Launching your boat maybe a little tricky but the stripers are biting big time!

Lake Texoma Boat Ramps

As always, please be safe out there and avoid boating into the recreation areas because there might be concrete picnic tables or campground equipment just a foot or two below the surface of the water.

Corps-owned facility High Water Closures and Availability as of 5/22/2019

Due to rising lake levels some parks have been affected by the high water. Please check your reservations to see if it has been affected by any closures. After the lake level has receded please allow time for Lake Personnel to rehabilitate the area. For more information please call the Reservation Helpdesk 1-877-444-6777 or the Lake Texoma Office at 903-465-4990.

Army Corps-managed recreation areas will be impacted by flooding and rainfall. Those camp site and recreation closures will be posted to our website as the situation dictates at the following link –>

Will provide future forecast when available….. Stay safe

News and Announcements


If you are near the dam and hear the siren sound, you should prepare for a rapid change in water levels, because the siren signals that the amount of water being released is going to rapidly change. Boaters are also cautioned not to cross the buoy line at the intake structure as doing so puts you and the passengers in your boat in danger.

Alberta Creek Resort and Marina 5-25-2019

Big Mineral Marina 5-25-2019

Boat ramp is closed. 20 campsites available, some full hookup, some electric and water. 2 small cabins available. No beaches, no swimming. Camping, cabins and fishing ok. Our cafe is open Friday, Saturday and sunday.

Bridgeview Marina 5-25-2019

Boat Ramp Closed but Bridgeview will assist customers launching boats. The Spot Restaurant (580)795-3331 is open and available for carry-out orders on land & water.Gas Dock – Open

Catfish Bay Marina 5-25-2019

Cedar Bayou Marina 5-25-2019

Our Gas Dock is open 7 days a week with 100% gas. No Boat Rentals this weekend. No short term RV spots. No campsites except Cross Timbers Walking Trail. Real muddy but accessible. Boat Ramp NOT open to the public however we are assisting guest staying with us.

Cedar Mills Marina Update 5-25-2019

At this time, all walkways have been extended as needed and all docks are accessible. (Boat Launch is closed.) The Fuel Dock at Cedar Mills Marina will be closing at 5pm on Friday and Saturday’s Due to the High Water and a limited accessibility. This will be in effect until the water recedes. We are open for business so come on out and have some fun!

Eisenhower State Park 5-25-2019

The swim beach, both boat ramps, and both fishing piers have been closed due to high water. There are no areas for swimming. The light at the fishing pier is out.
The Purple Trail is open for Hiking only. All other trails are closed. OHV Trails are closed.

Eisenhower Yacht Club 5-25-2019

Access ramps to boathouses 6 and 7 have been shut off. At this time, we expect to be able to keep fuel service on. We will be running shuttles for those who have lost access. If possible, please call ahead if you will need a shuttle. Also, Cruisers Kitchen will be open this Saturday through Monday for breakfast and lunch.

Grandpappy Point Marina and Resort 5-25-2019

We are still at the discretion of ONCOR Electric for the termination of power at certain docks, however we are not anticipating the termination of power to any docks, other than dock 9 and dock 34 which have already been terminated.

The road on the East side of the marina is now fully submerged and we strongly advise against any attempt to cross.

We are aware that many slip owners do not have access to their docks due to walkways being underwater and we will be providing a water taxi service to take customers to their docks should anyone need it. However, due to the holiday weekend, we are expecting a higher volume of customers at the marina during business hours who will need assistance from our water taxi service. We will do our very best to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible. For details on our water taxi service please call our office at 903-465-6330. For our water taxi service after hours, please call security at 903-814-6706. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

Plover, Tern and Egret roads are now closed along with Bennett Lane and the low water crossing north of the visitor center.
Wildlife Drive is closed due to rising water. The closure will last for several weeks minimum so please plan accordingly. The Visitor Center, Butterfly Garden, and Harris Creek Trail will remain open. Goode and Sandy Day Use Areas are open, but an alternate route will be required to get there. Big Mineral Area is partially flooded already. Fishing is allowed and foot access will likely be necessary.

Highport Marina status update 5-25-2019

The water taxi pick-up platform is currently located at the boat ramp parking lot. Courtesy Patrol: 903.814.4300

Mo’s Grill and The Island will be open regular hours this weekend. Access to The Island will be by walkway/gangway from the boat ramp parking lot. 

Lake Texoma State Park 5-25-2019

According to the Lake Texoma Association there are several campsites available and boat ramps are open.

Lighthouse Resort & Marina 5-25-2019

All Boat Ramps Are Closed (Lighthouse launch is NOT open to the public however we are assisting guest staying with us)

Little Glasses Marina 5-25-2019

Little Glasses Resort is fully functional and open ready for a great Holiday!

Marina del Rey 5-25-2019

Gas Dock hours for Memorial Day weekend…
Fri-Mon: 6am-9pm

The belly-flop hours for Memorial Day weekend…
Fri-Sun: 8am-10pm 
Mon: 8am-3pm

Mill Creek Marina 5-25-2019

Water is over walkways to boathouses 1, 6, 7, 8, & 9 at this time. We still have electricity to all our docks at this time. Our boat ramp is CLOSED. Some walkways have minimal water and are wadable, but we ask that you please use caution and pass at your own risk.

Texoma Shores Update 5-25-2019

Due to the rain our area has experienced, the lake level has risen causing us to close our boat dock, fishing pier, and swimming beach for now. We still have plenty of shoreline to fish from. RV sites, cabins and roads are unaffected. We have plenty of room to come relax. We will keep you updated here as the lake recedes and we begin to open back up these areas.

Corps of Engineers Update 5-3-2019

Grandpappy Point Marina Lake Elevation Update 5/4/19
As of 8:00am this morning the lake has risen to an elevation of 621.9’ and rising. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers has released an update that the lake is expected to rise to 626.2’ by May 20, 2019. This is not a crest only a forecasted elevation to this date and only takes into account the precipitation that has occurred prior to the forecast issuance time. With more rain in the forecast, we are anticipating that we will see a rise in lake elevation faster than expected and predict that access to the road on the east side of the marina could be lost as soon as Monday, May 6, 2019. Once access is lost to the east side of the marina, ONCOR Electric will determine if power needs to be shut off for safety precautions. We will continue to keep you updated on the lake level and what areas of the marina will be affected.

February 3, 2019

The storm event of January 2019 is pretty much over and everything is back to normal.

Lake Texoma  made history three times in 2015, first with record droughts then twice flood waters rushed over the spillway.  Here we are in May 2019 and the lake level is above normal. Heavy rains over the watershed is causing the lake to rise.    Keep up with the latest updates from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lake Texoma water levels, road conditions, and local marina notices on this page.

Hagerman Visitor Center to Reopen

Wildlife Drive is OPEN. Gravel will need to be added once the government shutdown is over, but for now you are welcome to visit! Please note that some areas are soft so don’t get your vehicle stuck!
The restrooms in the three day use areas are open. The visitor center has resumed normal hours.

January 19, 2019 – Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

Wildlife Drive remains closed due to flooding. Bennett Lane past Big Mineral Creek and Refuge Road across the low water crossing by the visitor center also remains closed due to flooding. These closings will remain in effect until the government shutdown is over and beyond that until the refuge employees return to work and have time to remove debris from the roads and repair erosion. Thank you for your patience.

January 17, 2019 – Highport Marina

Great news — the lake level is at 621.51 and slowly falling. Though there is rain in the forecast this weekend, the Army Corps of Engineers is committed to maintain releases to keep levels slowly falling. Some of our docks are still impacted at their access points:

  • The ZF gangway is inaccessible at this time. If needed, please contact the office and we will make arrangements to take you to the dock by boat.  
  • Caution should be used when accessing the Puerto del Sol gangway – it is not underwater but does have a steep grade and slight drop-off.  
  • And finally, the south walkway to N-2 is currently under water so please use the north walkway. 

January 4, 2019

Storm event status update for Lake Texoma as of 0800 hours on January 4, 2019:  The latest pool elevation prediction indicates that we will rise to elevation 622.73 by January 7th.

Eisenhower Yacht Club Update 1-5-2019

 At a level of 622.5 the water covers the road in front of shop and access to boathouses 6-11 will be lost. This is the only prediction we have so far and we will continue to update as we receive them.

12-31-2018 Eisenhower State Park update:

Due to high lake levels, the swim beach, both boat ramps and both fishing piers are now closed. Due to wastewater system maintenance, the Bois D’Arc Ridge camping area is unavailable for advanced reservations. Contact the park or check back for the latest information.

OHV trails remain closed until the trails have had a chance to dry out.

As soon as we can re-open these facilities we will let you know. Have a happy New Year!

November 24, 2018

For the most part, the storm event of October 2018 is over and most Lake Texoma Facilities are operational.  2018 Flood Update

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