Lake Texoma Flood Updates 2018

November 24, 2018

For the most part, the storm event of October 2018 is over and most Lake Texoma Facilities are operational.

November 9, 2018

Grandpappy Marina – As the water recedes to its normal pool elevation of 618.5 feet the marina is getting back to normal. ALL docks are accessible except dock 9 which still has some water on the walkway. As of this morning all docks have electricity as we restored power to the last two that have been without power, docks 9 and 35. We also experienced an interruption of power on dock 10 on Wednesday but it has been repaired and power was restored yesterday. Repairs to the walkway on dock 35 have been made and it is now accessible. The walkway to dock 30, 31, and 32 is not accessible by golf cart. We expect the ramp to be passable by golf cart next week. In the meantime, we have placed some temporary ramp from the walkway to the dock and it is accessible by foot. We ask that you use caution if you do use the temporary ramp at Dock 30, 31, and 32.

November 6, 2018

Boat ramp at the Denison Damsite is the only “Corps” managed boat ramp open

October 20, 2018

Max Road closureDurant/Bryan County Emergency Management

Because of rising water from Texoma, District 1 has closed “Max Rd” off of Willow Spring Rd in Mead, OK (see illustration). The latest estimate by the Corps of engineers has the lake level reaching 629.62′ by October 21st. This is just about 8 inches higher than it is right now and is lower than the previous estimate. The dam is releasing 21,000 cubic feet per second at this time which is over 4 times what they were releasing on Monday.

Rick Buesing – Lake Texoma Fishing Forum

The lake seems to have leveled out around 629.02 elevation or 11 feet from top of the spillway. They have been releasing almost the same amount of water that’s coming into the lake so the level is staying the same right now.
It’s raining here at Texoma today but it’s the rains we get up stream from the Washita and Red rivers that raise the lake. Hopefully we will start to see a slow draw down in the next few weeks.
The key is not getting the down stream areas from Texoma having a lot more rain so the Corp can keep a steady release on drawing the lake back down to the top of the conservation pool. As we know, many factors depend on that including future rain fall, release rates and inflow rates. But it will take weeks to draw this lake down to 617.00
I’m going to say if we don’t have a lot more rain, it will be over a month before the lake can be drawn down 10 foot, to 619.00, which would be 2 feet above the top of the conservation pool of 617.00.
Keep your fingers crossed.

Buncombe Creek Marina –

All walkways and boat docks are accessible. Boat launch is open. Gas Dock is functioning. Road is under water.

Catfish Bay Marina –

Marina update: Some of the roads in the Catfish Bay Marina and areas of the State Park are closed due to the higher water levels. If you have questions about the State Park managed campgrounds or boat ramps, please contact them directly at 580-564-2566.

Cedar Bayou Marina –

The power has been turned back on in BW (Breakwater) boathouse and , R (Ramp) boathouse.

The power has not been turned on at S boathouse..
The power has not been turned back on at any of the RV sites.

Cedar Mills Marina –
North, Middle and Power Cove walkways are not accessible at this time. For your convenience, we are currently providing a shuttle for those who need to access their boats. Please contact our Service Department for assistance Tuesday thru Saturday and contact the Main Office on Sunday and Monday.

Shuttle is available:
Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday: 8am-6pm
Sunday: 8am-5pm
Monday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday thru Thursday: 8am-5pm

Pelican’s Landing is OPEN; however, there is limited parking around the Restaurant and throughout the Marina itself. The grassy areas are very muddy so we ask that you not pull off the roadways to park.

Power is currently available on all docks and we will give notice to all customers if shutting down power is necessary.

The lowest point of Cedar Mills Road has become inaccessible. The Marina is still accessible through the community of Sherwood Shores. From Highway 377, please turn onto Hillcrest Drive at the Sherwood Shores Grocery. Continue on Hillcrest Drive and turn right onto County Road at the four-way stop. At the end of County Road you will come to the entrance of Cedar Mills Marina.

Eisenhower Yacht Club Marina –

As of right now all boathouse power is still on. Oncor is the final decision maker on when power is cut off but we have not gotten an update from them. When they come out to check poles they can turn power off at any time. We are still encouraging all customers to remove any perishables from their slips as we do not know if/when this may happen.

If you are unable to access your boathouse we will have a shuttle running from the gas dock from 8-5. Please call the office to make other arrangements if you are unable to get here before 5pm.

Eisenhower State Park –

UPDATE! Our boat launch, swim beach and fishing piers are still closed due to high water. Our OHV trails and hiking trails are still OPEN! Thank you for your patience!

Flowing Wells Marina –

We still have power and water to all Docks and Vacation Homes and do not anticipate any outages. For customers that need to get to their boats, we are providing a water shuttle service from 9 am to 4 pm. Please the office an hour in advance to schedule, (903)786-2930. The Resort is currently closed to the public and will remain closed while the lake recedes for cleanup. Tenants and Cabin Guests only. We will be reconnecting our Sunset Village Two Bedroom plus Loft Cabins as soon as the lake level gets to 627. We are very glad we did not have to float these and hope to have them available to rent soon.

Grandpapppy Point Marina –

The inflow of water to the lake is still decreasing and the total release of water is now 21,000 cubic feet per second, and the USACE plans to increase the total release of water to 35,000 cubic feet per second over the weekend. If Lake Texoma does not receive considerable rain in the watershed over the next few days, then we should see water levels begin to recede

Big Mineral Day Use AreaHagerman National Wildlife Refuge –

Many of the roads are closed within the refuge. Visitor Amber Leach was at the refuge on Saturday, October 13th, and took some photos of Big Mineral Day Use Area. The canopy was in danger of submerging so refuge staff members Rusty and Caleb rescued it by boat on Tuesday.

Highport Marina –

The rise in lake levels has been leveling off to just above 629 due to increased releases from the Denison Dam. The impact of today’s heavy rains over the watershed will not be evident for a day or so, but we are looking forward to clearing skies and even some sunshine and warm temps over the weekend!

The marina is open and looking forward to the weekend!
The Fuel Dock is open from 8 AM to 7 PM
Boat Launch is open
Mo’s Grill is open Saturday from 8 AM to 9 PM and Sunday from 8 AM to 3 PM, with great specials you won’t want to miss.

Electricity is still on for all docks except Y dock. Water/Sewer is off on J, K, M, P, E, F, G, ZG, ZC, ZD, ZE.

Our water taxi shuttle service will be available between the hours of 8 AM and midnight over the weekend, and can be accessed by calling Courtesy Patrol at 903-814-4300.

Walnut Creek Marina –

High water update: the lake is a hair over 629 and it appears to be dropping! Barring any unforeseen major rain event we should be on the road to recovery. We have had NO loss of power or damage to boathouses, the RV sites were shut down and some went under water, and the parking lot and the road leading to the full rv sites went under.

October 19, 2018

Latest Forecast: 629.62' by October 21, 2018 (This is not a crest only a forecasted elevation to this date)   (will provide future forecast when available)
Total Release = Current 21,000 cubic feet per second (cfs)
Please be advised the Army Corps of Engineers plans to increase its discharge this weekend.  The anticipated total discharge will increase from the existing 21,000 cfs to 35,000 cfs.
There may be a gate change on Saturday and then again on Sunday - Totaling 35,000 cfs.  Current rainfall may effect this plan.

October 17, 2018

Corps of Engineers –

Update at 2 pm: 628.74 feet and slowly rising, Total Release Current 17,200 cubic feet per second (cfs)

Report at 8 am:

Current Elevation = 628.69 feet and rising
Latest Forecast: 630.15' by October 21, 2018 (This is not a crest only a forecasted elevation to this date)   (will provide future forecast when available)
Total Release = Current 10,000 cubic feet per second (cfs)
Limited camping is available at Platter Flats, Johnson Creek, Caney Creek, & Juniper West
No "Corps managed" Boat ramps are open at this time.

October 16, 2018

Corps of Engineers –

Current Elevation = 628.05 feet and rising
Latest Forecast: 630.5' by October 20, 2018 (This is not a crest only a forecasted elevation to this date)   (will provide future forecast when available)
Total Release = 5,000 cubic feet per second (cfs)
Current conditions of Lake Texoma may be found at:
Follow us on Facebook at
Limited camping is available at Platter Flats, Johnson Creek, Caney Creek, & Juniper West
No "Corps managed" Boat ramps are open at this time.

Cedar Mills Marina –

The lowest point of Cedar Mills Road should become inaccessible at 628.86. The Marina will be accessible through the community of Sherwood Shores.
North and Middle Cove walkways are not accessible at this time and we are currently providing a shuttle for those who need to access their boats. Please contact our Service Department for assistance.

Power is currently available on all docks

October 15, 2018


Flooded roads in Marshall County Oklahoma include portions of State Highway 70A, Aylesworth Road, and the Rooster Creek bridge on Texoma Park Road. Drivers are urged to avoid low-water crossings, as they can become treacherous in a hurry.

Corps of Engineers –

Limited camping is available at Platter Flats, Johnson Creek, Caney Creek, & Juniper West

No “Corps managed” Boat ramps are open at this time.”
October 14, 2018

The lake is rising at about a foot every 24 hours. Flood Gate releases are continuing but have been reduced due to flooding downstream.

Tulsa District Corps of Engineers

Here’s a live view of Denison Dam on Lake Texoma, where we are currently releasing flood water at a rate of 15,325 cubic feet per second. Flood water from upstream rivers and streams continues to flow into #Texoma, we expect lake levels to rise over the coming days and will adjust water releases at Denison accordingly to mitigate the risk of flooding both above and below the dam.

Lake Texoma Association –

As of 5pm today, per the USACE, Lake Texoma is 8.52 ft ABOVE normal pool elevation at 625.9 feet. If you go out on the lake, please be mindful of debris. Also, watch out for fire ants along the shoreline. Most marinas are semi-functional and working hard to maintain critical functions. Call your marina if you need to see about access to your boat, or about water and electricity. At this point there are only a few boat ramps open. The situation is changing all the time. We will keep you posted.

Latest Marina updates….

Cedar Mills Marina –
Due to the significant amount of rainfall and subsequent rising lake level on Lake Texoma, we regret to inform you that this year’s Cedar Mills Fly/In & Safety Seminars scheduled for October 19-21 must be cancelled. Cedar Mills Marina & Resort and Pelican’s Landing Waterfront Restaurant remains open for business.

After extending the walkways, all docks are accessible and we have no power outages at this time. (Boat Launch is closed.)

Highport Marina –
The road in front of N dock is impassable so all sailboat docks will need to use the water taxi.

    When the lake level hits 622, we usually see water begin to pool on J, K, L and M parking lots, as well as on the service slab.

    At 623, the water creeps over the roadway in front of N docks, and can block access past ZH

    At 625, the lower parking lot becomes a great place for paper boat races, and Highport closes access to Puerto del Sol, the Island Bar & Grill, and the Fuel Dock gangway. At this level, the service slab is under water.

    At 626, avoid the roadways in front of J, K, L and M and the bottom of Tanglewood Hill

    At 629, water has reached the Island Bar & Grill

    At 632, get your flashlights, as Oncor will determine whether or not to shut off electricity

    At 640.5, we see water going over the spillway

And at 643, the upper front entrance parking lot for our administration building is under water and we’ve relocated operations to keep the marina in business!

Grandpappy Point Marina –

We anticipate the rise to increase as inflows are high and the release has been reduced to 8,912 cfs. We have received an update from US Army Corp of Engineers that the lake is expected to rise to 627.9’ by October 25th but with storms in the forecast it could reach that level sooner that predicted. At this time there is power to all of the docks, excluding dock 9, 18, 19, and 20.

The walkway to dock 9 is submerged and we expect that docks 10, 30, 31, 32 and 35 walkways and the lowest points of walkways on docks 5, 6, and 7 will be submerged later today. We will also be closing the walkway to docks 30, 31, 32, and 35 later today. We ask that you please call for the water taxi if you need to access the dock. The road to the east side of the marina is still passable at this time but it appears that it will be submerged, though access may be difficult in small cars you will be able to get across for a short period of time in larger vehicles.

We will be providing a water taxi service to take customers to their docks when access is lost. For details on our water taxi service please call our office at 903-465-6330. For after hours, please call security at 903-814-6706.

Buncombe Creek Marina –

Walkways are being moved. Please do not park anywhere down by the water. You will be in the way of the workers.

Eisenhower Yacht Club Marina –

The lake is rising roughly six inches every twelve hours.

The latest prediction is that the lake level will climb to 628 by October 25th. This prediction did not include the rains that we are getting today. It is my opinion, that if the release does not increase, the lake elevation will go over 630 and be at 628 much sooner than the 25th.

The information below was based on the 2015 flood and may vary this year. Currently all access by vehicle is closed from Boathouse 6 through 11.

    At 626 fuel will be shut off to the gas dock. If you need to top off, I would come in tomorrow or Monday.

    At 626.6 water will start to cover walkways to boathouses 3,4,12, 14, 24, and 27.

    At 626.6 water will go over the road between boathouses 28 and 29.

    At 628 walkways to boathouses 21-29 are inaccessible.

    *At 628 power to boathouses 21-31 will be shut off.*

*At 630 power to all other boathouses will be shut off.*

If you have lost access to your slip and need a shuttle, please contact the office at 903-463-3999. Please give ample notice so that a boat can be arranged to pick you up. We will continue fuel sales through the end of the day, but will shut off all fuel at close of business. Due to an issue with the state park’s lift station, we are not able to do pump outs

Walnut Creek Marina –

We are currently predicted to reach an elevation of just shy of 628’. At that elevation only the electricity at RV sites will need to be disconnected and most of the parking lot and gravel road between the parking lot and full rv sites will be underwater. All boathouses and mobile homes will still expected to be with power. Access to the boathouses will be more difficult, but will be possible.

Cedar Bayou Marina –

We usually lose our power to the marina when the lake level rises to 630 ft.
We are preparing to lose power in the next 36 hours. All of our roads are high and dry. The main road to the marina goes under water at 634 so we are in good shape right now. Hopefully it will stop raining soon and we will not have to worry about our roads!

Flowing Wells Marina – (Sat 10-13-2016)

All Docks are secure and have power. The entrances to Docks 2 – 4 and 5 – 8 are currently assessable however, they will most likely be underwater by the end of the day. If you need to get anything off your boats, we highly advise you to do it now. If you have any dock carts locked up at the main entrance, you will need to remove these asap.

We will be providing a water taxi service when access is lost is completely lost, weather permitting. For details please call our office between 9 to 5 pm.

Maria del Rey Marina –

All boat houses are secure and have power.

Mill Creek Resort Marina –

As of 11:00 am 10/12 the lake level is at 623.0. There is more rain in the forecast for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. So the projection of cresting at 625.0 on 10/17 is most likely going to change. Water will be turned off to all boathouses; except boathouse 8 this weekend. Most Likely all power will be shut off sometime this mid -week except to boathouse 8. We will be providing a water taxi service to take customers to their docks when access is lost. For more information contact the office at 903-786-2227. As of today there is no walkway access to boathouses 8 and 9.
October 12, 2018

Pool elevation is 622.86 feet on Friday 12Oct18 Time: 1100 hours

With the persistent rain, Lake Texoma continues to rise. The report we received earlier in the week from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers indicated that the lake was expected to reach 625.1’ msl by Wednesday October 17th. However, because of the continued rain and current forecast, we anticipate the lake to reach the level of 625.1’ before Wednesday and continue to rise higher throughout the weekend and early into next week. As soon as we receive an updated forecast on the predicted elevation levels from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers we will relay that information to you. Because of the rising lake elevation levels, it is very likely that power will be terminated to boat docks at several marinas. Some of the marinas are offering a water taxi service. A number of roads maybe flooded at some point during the weekend and many of the boat ramps are closed. If you are planning a trip to Lake Texoma this weekend, please call ahead, check for marina email updates, and Facebook pages for the most recent updates and alternate access routes.
October 11, 2018 Flood Update

Pool elevation is 622.16 feet on Thursday 11Oct18 Time: 1100 hours

Due to the recent storms and flooding in the Lake Texoma watershed, the lake has risen to 622.16 feet. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers have given a forecast that predicts the lake will rise as high as 625.1’ by October 17th. Unfortunately, the rising water may have an effect on dock access and electrical power throughout the marinas. You can check the current water level at the corp website:

Corps of Engineers winter campground closures

Most of the Corps of Engineer Managed campgrounds are now closed or offer limited access for the winter. They are scheduled to re-open April 1, 2019. Find campgrounds open – at least partially – Winter Camping

Wilson Creek Bridge Replacement

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), in coordination with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is proposing to replace a bridge on State Highway 32 (SH-32) over Wilson Creek, located 0.3 miles west of the Marshall County Line in Love County within the Lake Texoma boundary. The proposed project consists of replacing the existing structurally deficient bridge with a proposed 40-foot-wide bridge which will have two (2) 12-foot-wide driving lanes with 8-foot-wide paved shoulders. ODOT, in consultation with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), has chosen to replace the bridge on a 55-foot offset alignment immediately north of the existing bridge structure. The north side was selected to minimize additional fill that would be required on the south side. The bridge structure will be 5 feet higher than the existing structure to account for flooding events. The roadway will remain open to 2-lanes of traffic during construction. Read more….