Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge

Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge
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Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge Connecting Oklahoma and Texas

The Carpenters Bluff Bridge was officially closed to vehicles after a brief ceremony on Tuesday, August 8, 2017.   Hundreds of classic cars took one last trip across the bridge to commemorate it’s history.  A new bridge for cars was opened in July.  The historic bridge will still be open to pedestrian traffic.

Carpenters Bluff Bridge is a historic landmark, connecting Grayson and Bryan counties since 1910.

Carpenters Bluff Bridge was originally built as a railroad bridge for the Missouri, Oklahoma and Gulf (MO&G) Line, this landmark structure across the Red River continues to provide a transportation route between Grayson County, Texas, and Bryan County, Oklahoma. MO&G officials determined they needed a line through Grayson County to connect there with other railways in order to secure better freight rates for their shipments from the Oklahoma coal mines. The new line, under construction by 1910, entered Texas via this bridge at the small community known as Carpenters Bluff.

Completed in the late summer of 1910, the Carpenters Bluff Bridge was designed to withstand major floods such as the one in 1908 that had destroyed several area bridges. Its design also included a wagon shelf, an extra lane to serve travelers on foot and horseback, as well as horse-drawn vehicles, all of whom had to pay a toll for its use. In 1921, ownership passed to the Kansas, Oklahoma and Gulf Railway Co., which maintained the line until 1965, when the company ceased operations in Texas due to declining rail traffic. The Texas & Pacific Railroad maintained the bridge for a brief time and then deeded it to the counties of Grayson and Bryan. County commissioners agreed to convert the structure for vehicular traffic, and upon completion of that work, the bridge was opened as a free public thoroughfare. Spanning the Red River since 1910, the Carpenters Bluff Bridge remains a significant part of Grayson County’s history. (2002)

A new bridge will be constructed and the original Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge will remain as a landmark.

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