Casey Boe’s Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service

Casey Boe’s Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service
Business Address
512 Mill Creek Resort Road
Zip Code
(903) 821-8473

We ensure that you will be provided with proper tackle, rods, and reels that get the job done.  We will have the bait ready and our state of the art electronics will help us pinpoint the action.  We will show you exactly how to use the equipment and we will explain the art of catching Texoma Stripers.

We always carry safety and protective gear that keeps our boat and service in complete compliance with the Coast Guard regulations.  In fact, we are certified by the Coast Guard as licensed Lake Texoma Stripper Guides.
We will clean and bag your catch at day’s end and we encourage you to bring your container with ice to keep your filets fresh.

In summary, we start our day out with prayer to our heavenly father for a safe and productive charter.  In the end we thank him for those gifts of the day.

Contact Casey Boe Striper Guide Service on Lake Texoma to book your next Striper fishing trip.  Contact via e-mail at or call (903) 821-8473.

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