Cross Timbers Hiking Trail

Cross Timbers Hiking Trail
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Cross Timbers Hiking Trail | Lake Texoma

Cross Timbers Hiking Trail begins at the Juniper Point West Trailhead in Juniper Point recreation area and winds west some 14 miles along the southern shoreline of Lake Texoma through Cedar Bayou and Paw Paw Creek resorts to Rock Creek Camp.

Between Juniper Point and Cedar Bayou the hiker travels high above the lake on the rocky ledges that make up the shoreline. From these high vantage points one is refreshed by beautiful views of the lake and its shores. From Cedar Bayou to Paw Paw Creek resort the trail meanders through a blackjack oak woodland which typifies the Cross Timbers environment. This segment of the trail takes the hiker through many changes of elevation. Between Paw Paw Creek resort and Rock Creek Camp the trail is much flatter and the tree cover sparse.

Cross Timbers Trail Race

Cross Timbers Trail in north Texas holds two fantastic trail events each year. “Lost Loop” 50K and 12K Run and Cross Timbers Trail Race are ran along Lake Texoma of the Texas/Oklahoma border. Each event offers multiple distances up to the ultramarathon length. The course consists of mostly narrow, hilly trails with some rocky and hazardous areas.

The Cross Timber Trail Race is held each year in February starting at Juniper Point on Lake Texoma.  Training runs are held in December.
5 Mile • Half Marathon • Marathon • 50 Mile • 50 Mile Relay

Equestrian Trails

Cross Timbers Trail has 40 miles of equestrian trails that are enjoyed by hundreds each year.

  • Cross Timbers Hiking Trail
  • Cross Timbers Hiking Trail

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