MicKey Rose Guide Service

MicKey Rose Guide Service
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Kingston, Oklahoma 73439
(580) 564-9345

MicKey Rose Guide Service on Lake Texoma

Michey Rose Guide Service fishes on Lake Texoma year around as a full time licensed striper guide.  Fishing for striper (striped bass) is one of the greatest pass-times you can enjoy in this area of the country.  Lake Texoma also has blue and channel catfish, largemouth bass, spotted bass and bluegill.

Mikey’s priority is not only to catch fish, but to guarantee good times for my customers. He strives to maintain an easy going friendly environment, so that my customers feel welcome and will look forward to returning for future trips. At least 80% of my clientele are repeat customers. Hope to see you soon!

What to bring:

Lake Texoma fishing license:
(cost $12) bought state wide in Oklahoma or Texas it’s valid through the calendar year

Top and bottom (NOT a poncho) windy days will get you very wet with the overspray.

Warm clothes:
Bring plenty, you can always take them off if you get hot. Dress for the low temp of the day not the high.

Water proof boots:
If you don’t like wet or cold feet

Ice chest:
For snacks on the boat and to pack your fish on ice for the trip home (there is a freezer at the Honeyhole Lodge if you want to freeze them immediately)

Hopefully to take a fish picture!

Especially in the summer months

Water has a glare on sunny days


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