Rancho Sereno

Rancho Sereno
Business Address
17234 Highway 678 Whitesboro, Texas
(214) 502-2403

Rancho Sereno Bed and Breakfast

Rancho Sereno is a 165 acre private ranch and wildlife preserve hidden in the beautiful Red River Valley only 10 minutes from Lake Texoma.

The Guest House is designed in contemporary Texas vernacular style with an expansive patio shaded by a handsome pergola and beautiful views of the surrounding country. The interiors were created by a recognized San Francisco design firm with a level of sophistication not usually found in a property of this size.

The property has a two acre private lake, designed by a well-known wildlife biologist and guest are encouraged to fish for Florida and native largemouth bass. The ranch also has a 115 acre wildlife preserve and guest are invited to hike or bike the trail system of the preserve.

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