Texoma Jet Ski Rental

Texoma Jet Ski Rental
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105 N Willis St
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(405) 714-4555

Texoma Jet Ski Rental

Have a great day of fun on the water with Jet Ski rentals from Texoma Jet Ski Rental in Kingston, Oklahoma.  Get a great deal for your Lake Texoma weekend escape with personal watercraft rental by calling Texoma Jet Ski Rental in Kingston, Oklahoma. We provide easy and affordable access to Personal Watercraft that liven up your time on the lake with a roaring wake of excitement

Choose from one of our six Yamaha Waverunners! All of our skis are in great condition, and have plenty of power to haul up to 3 people! Our service is completely portable to all of the popular locations on Texoma in the Kingston area, and we deliver your rental craft to wherever you decide to pitch your tent or lay down your towel.

Monday – Sunday  8:00am – 6:00pm

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