Tiger Safari Zoological Park

Tiger Safari Zoological Park
Business Address
963 County St 2930 Tuttle, OK 73089
405-381-9453 Or 405-414-9365

Tiger Safari Zoological Park in Tuttle Oklahoma

Tiger Safari Zoological Park is a nonprofit interactive zoological park featuring over 135 animals including lemurs, red kangaroos, exotic birds, wallabies, fennec foxes, reptiles, white tigers and some of the rarest cats in Oklahoma! With a warm and well-trained staff, visitors can learn fun facts about all of the animals that inhabit the park. Group programs offered include the Zoo To You program, corporate functions, family reunions, school field trips, daycares, nursing homes, camping, hayrides, safari weddings, conservation projects and birthday parties. Customized, group and guided tours are also available.  Overnight accommodations are available in an authentic African village area circling a small lagoon

NEW: Swim with the otters! Can’t come to the park? We can bring the park to you. For $175.00 plus Fuel, we will bring six to eight small exotic animals to your home. Other baby exotics are available for an additional $50.00 per animal.

Tuesday – Friday (10:00am – 5:30pm) Saturday – Sunday (9:00am – 6:00pm)

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