Grayson County Office Emergency Management

Grayson County OEM announcement | 5-31-2015

The flood waters will begin to recede… and then we will begin the flood of paperwork, clean up and repairs to help our community recover.

Soon, a group of officials from our sixteen cities, the County, the State and FEMA, will meet to perform Joint Preliminary Damage Assessments to determine what level of relief will be available to our community.

Because this particular disaster was a series of events that occurred from May 7 through the month, and damage resulted for a myriad of weather related reasons and in locations throughout the County, we are a little worried that we may miss something.

If you have damages or losses, residential or commercial, please make sure you complete a damage assessment including your address via our website reporting form. If you know of someone with no internet access, please help them report using your internet access or have them call 903-813-5245.

We don’t know yet if individuals and businesses will be eligible for any FEMA relief for our community but the first step to finding out is for us to accurately report our damages.

The website report is available on the front page of Grayson County’s website at

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This step is VERY important to make sure we help our community recover from… well, May 2015.