Fort Washita – Durant, Oklahoma

Fort Washita – Durant, Oklahoma
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3348 Hwy 199
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(580) 924-6502

Fort Washita Historical Site

Built in 1842, Fort Washita was the southwestern-most military post of the United States.  Fort Washita was assigned the responsibility of maintaining peace for the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations within their new lands, pursuant to treaty obligations.  Threats to the new home of the Chickasaw people came from attacks by Republic of Texas militia, interference by unscrupulous intruders, constant raids by Plains tribes, the presence of traders and trappers and unsettled scores with some of the Plains tribes due to disputes concerning hunting grounds.  Fort Washita operated as a United States military post until the start of the Civil War in 1861.  It was occupied by Confederate forces through 1865.  The fort was almost entirely destroyed by the Confederates as they fled at the end of the Civil War.

Fort Washita visitors can see restored 19th century structures, witness Civil War reenactments and take part in the yearly fur trade-era rendezvous.

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