Harber Wildlife Museum

Harber Wildlife Museum
Business Address
4703 Texoma Parkway, Sherman, TX 75090

The Harber Wildlife Museum

Open Saturday 10:30 am – 6:30 pm Sunday 1:30 – 6:30 pm.  Monday – Friday by request or reservation

The Harber Wildlife Museum is lifelong dream of Dorothy and Lacy Harber that has come to fruition right here in Grayson County, Texas. The Museum is open for all to view and is home to their life long pursuit of animals from around the world.  Along with many animal species, there is also an extensive collection of African artifacts on display.

The Harber Wildlife Museum is very well done. All ages, kids through seniors can enjoy a leisurely stroll through all the exhibits. Each exhibit displays the animals and artifacts as they would be in their own environment. There are a LOT of animals, large and small from little beetles to a giant elephant and huge giraffes. The taxidermy work is such that you almost expect to see them move and you can almost feel them breathe.

The museum has a resource room with interesting travel slides and there are interactive activities for youngsters.

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