Little Glasses Resort Vacation Homes for sale

Little Glasses Resort Vacation Homes for sale
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13443 Parrot Head Lane
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Vacation homes for sale at Little Glasses Marina resort.  2, 3, & 4 bedroom homes offer the ultimate year round vacation experience in one of the most pristine and beautiful getaways on Lake Texoma.  Little Glasses is located on the northern end of Lake Texoma on the beautiful Little Glasses Bay.

Little Glasses Resort is a CORP of Engineer Lease. The mobile home units in the resort are individually owned, however, the land remains the property of the CORP of Engineers. All contracts and services are handled by Eukairia Corp. doing business as Little Glasses Resort as part of a CORP lease. Mobile homes are to be used for vacation purposes only. No sub-leasing is permitted. No permanent residence is allowed.

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