Public Meeting for Lake Texoma Shoreline Management Announced -

Public Meeting for Lake Texoma Shoreline Management Announced

Public Notice for Lake Texoma, Red River Basin, Bryan, Marshall, Johnston, and Love Counties, Oklahoma and Cook and Grayson Counties, Texas

The Tulsa District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is revising the Lake Texoma Shoreline Management Plan (Plan).  Two open house public meetings will be held from 6 pm to 8 pm on January 29, 2020 at the Pottsboro High School, 901 Highway 120 Pottsboro, TX 75076 and January 30, 2020 at Kingston High School, 400 NE 3rd Street, Kingston, OK 73439. 

The meetings will provide attendees with information regarding the revision content and process, and provide a general schedule.  Attendees can view current shoreline allocation maps and ask USACE staff questions.  A 30-day comment period will follow the meeting from January 29, 2020 through March 2, 2020 in which the public can send comments, suggestions, and concerns.

The Shoreline Management Plan addresses the rules and guidelines that govern private shoreline uses, such as private boat docks, vegetation modification, and similar private uses of government property.  The Shoreline Management Plan establishes shoreline allocations, which specify where certain private uses are allowable.   Shoreline allocations are dictated by Engineering Regulation (ER) 1130-2-406 and included:  Limited Development Areas, Protected Shoreline Areas, Public Recreation Areas, and Prohibited Access Areas.  Each of these allocations is defined in ER 1130-2-406.  The Plan is meant to compliment the 2017 Lake Texoma Master Plan revision.

The current Plan was implemented in 1996, and many changes have occurred in policy and use since that time.  This revision is intended to bring the Shoreline Management Plan up to date, ensure environmental protection and public access of public lands, align wit the 2017 Lake Texoma Master Plan, and honor past commitments at Lake Texoma.  Public participation is critical to the successful revision of the Plan.  Information provided at the public workshop meetings, including the existing Plan, may be viewed on the Tulsa District website at the following the link beginning January 29, 2020:

Comments must be submitted in writing and can be given to USACE staff at the public workshop meetings, emailed to, or mailed to:  Joe Custer, Manager, Lake Texoma, 351 Corps Road, Denison, TX 75020-6425.  For questions, please contact Mr. Joe Custer at 903.465.4990.

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