Children’s Museum Receives Mega Lung Exhibit

Mega Lung Northeast Texas Children’s Museum receives Mega Lung Exhibit

The Northeast Texas Children’s Museum is pleased to announce the purchase of a 9’ tall Mega Lung. The purchase was made possible through a Tobacco Grant from Hunt Regional Healthcare and is the only lung of its type in the state. The lung will be available to schools and special events in the area. This unique lung has been shown on the Dr. Oz Show.

“The lung is an amazing teaching tool for all ages. Children and adults can actually walk through the lung to see how this amazing part of our body works. It can be used in health classes, for Drug Free Week, and for special events,” said Sharline Freeman, Executive Director of the Children’s Museum. Plans have already been made to take the lung to Rally Around Greenville and the Bois d’Arc Bash in Commerce. “We want to make people in northeast Texas aware of this wonderful teaching tool that is now available,” Sharline Freeman continued.

When traveling to schools, a lesson on the lung will be included with the presentation. Students can walk through the lung to complete the lesson. Inside the lung, students will be able to see how the different parts of the lung work. The large lung will include pictures and examples of lung-related diseases. “It is hoped that the lesson will impact students and encourage them to maintain a healthy lung,” said Elana Barton, Director of Development.

For additional information or to schedule having the exhibit at a school or special event, call the Children’s Museum at 903-886-6055.