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2020 Burning of the Socks

Burning of the Socks 2020

What began as a lighthearted act of defiance to welcome spring in 1978, the Burning of the Socks has taken on a life of its on and the tradition of  saying good bye to winter by burning those old, smelly socks, has spread from east to west and in between.   

Traditionally held on the Spring Equinox, marinas and yacht clubs across the country will celebrate the return of Spring, Sperry topsiders, flip flops, and best of all: boating season.

On Lake Texoma, the Lake Texoma Association is coordinating the lake wide event to be held on March 14, 2020 with multiple marinas participating.

Event Schedule

Ode to the Sock Burners

By Jefferson Holland, Poet Laureate of Eastport, 1995

Them Eastport boys got an odd tradition
When the sun swings to its Equinoxical position,
They build a little fire down along the docks,
They doff their shoes and they burn their winter socks.
Yes, they burn their socks at the Equinox;
You might think that’s peculiar, but I think it’s not,
See, they’re the same socks they put on last fall,
And they never took ‘em off to wash ‘em, not at all…
So they burn their socks at the Equinox
In a little ol’ fire burning nice and hot.
Some think incineration is the only solution,
‘Cause washin’ ‘em contributes to the Chesapeake’s pollution.
Through the spring and the summer and into the fall,
They go around not wearin’ any socks at all,
Just stinky bare feet stuck in old deck shoes,
Whether out on the water or sippin’ on a brew.
So if you sail into the Harbor on the 20th of March,
And you smell a smell like Limburger sauteed with laundry starch,
You’ll know you’re downwind of the Eastport docks
Where they’re burning their socks for the Equinox.

Lake Texoma Burning of the Socks Events

Big Mineral

9:00 – 11:30 am Beach Clean-up

11:30 am – 1:00 pm “Burning of the Socks’ Bonfire (BYOS), free hotdogs, chili dogs, chips, tea & lemonade, Free flipflops to the first 50 partiipants

Buncombe Creek Marina

10 am: Bounce House, Dunk Tank, Live Musioc, Carnmival Games by locals, Plarl Bear Plunge, Chili Cook-off, Free Hotdogs

Cedar Mills Marina

St Patrick’s Day Event, Bonfire for burning socks, and Bingo Blast benefiting Texoma West End Lunch Program (Tickets for Bingo $35)

Eisenhower Yacht Club

Members Only Customer Appreciation food and Raffle

Highport Marina

Fire pit to burn socks, with donation bin to donate new socks to be donated to a charity. Shrimp boil at the Island Bar & Grill

Flowing Wells Resort & Marina

5 – 10 pm – Customer appreciation and benefit for the Locust Volunteer Fire Dept. Food, bonfire, and sock burning

Stay tuned….I’ll bet there will be more to come.

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Camp Dragonfly children’s camp set March 6-8, 2020

Camp Dragonfly logo

Registration for Camp Dragonfly is now open.  Camp Dragonfly is a weekend retreat, led by professional clinicians and trained staff, for children ages 8-12 who have suffered the loss of a loved one.  All activities at Camp Dragonfly are designed to help children heal and live successfully after loss.  During the weekend, campers have the opportunity to participate in art activities, games, nature hikes, discussions, and a campfire with s’mores!

“Campers learn ways to process feelings and treasure memories. Camp is not about forgetting, it is about healing. We use exercises to help the children learn to process grief and then fun activities to practice the coping skills they are learning,” said Nancy Jackson, Community Development Director and Camp Director. “Children grieve differently than adults.  Some children have behavioral problems, some struggle with schoolwork, some become argumentative or fearful, some hesitate to be away from a parent, and many don’t like to be alone.”

Children dealing with grief often feel isolated and feel that no one understands.  “My child very much enjoyed camp, she has always felt different from other children and camp seemed to make her feel like she belonged,” said a parent whose daughter attended a previous session.  “The grief counselor I talked to was awesome!  She was very honest and straightforward with me.  She even asked how I was handling everything.”

The spring session of Camp Dragonfly is scheduled for March 6-8, 2020 at All Saints Camp on Lake Texoma, 418 Stanton Way, in Pottsboro, Texas.  If you know a child who would benefit from participating, contact Nancy Jackson at (903) 868-9315 or

Home Hospice of Grayson, Cooke and Fannin Counties is a 501(c)(3) local community-based organization founded in 1982. Our mission is to enhance Quality of Life. For more information visit our website at or like us on Facebook at .

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Oklahoma Wildlife Youth Camp

Oklahoma Wildlife Youth Camp

Kids who are interested in wildlife & love the outdoors should apply for the annual Oklahoma Wildlife Youth Camp. The five day camp is jam-packed with activities ranging from ropes course challenge to shotgun shooting.

Are you interested in a career as a game warden or perhaps a fisheries or wildlife biologist? The Oklahoma Wildlife Department Youth Camp is an excellent opportunity for youth to explore possible future careers in wildlife management. In order to give participants a better understanding of wildlife and fisheries management and law enforcement, the entire camp is conducted by game wardens, wildlife and fisheries professionals and dedicated hunters and anglers.

When is it?

June 21-26, 2020 at OU Biological Station, Lake Texoma, OK

Who should attend?

Next year’s camp will be competitively open to all Oklahoma youth 14 to 16 years old. All applying youth must have been enrolled in school the previous year and have an interest in wildlife law enforcement or management.

What will you learn?

Fishing, self defense, wildlife law enforcement, archery, wildlife identification, rifle/shotgun shooting, ropes course, wildlife management, waterfowl/deer/turkey hunting and enforcement.

How to Apply?

■ Be 14-16 years of age (applicants must turn 14 prior to June 21, 2020).
■ Write an essay (about 75 words) describing why they wish to attend the camp, why they should be selected and what they expect to learn.
■ Provide one letter of recommendation (by someone other than a family member).
■ Provide a photograph of a recent outdoor-related event of activity.
■ Be ready to have a fun week!


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