Lake Texoma Spring 2018 Fishing Update!

Lake Texoma Spring 2018 Update!

Well old man Winter is behind us and Spring is here! Winter was a good on Lake Texoma. Numerous good box fish (under 20 inches) and some really nice overs (fish over 20 inches) were caught. Many days we caught limits of fish and threw some back as well to grow up and fight another day.

The Lake Texoma is in good condition. The Striper population is good, the food source (threadfin and gizzard shad) is good as well. Some areas of the lake are muddy for the rains a month ago, and the lake is at normal level. There was a 4-foot rise in the water, and the flood gates were open for a bit, but they are closed now and hopefully they will stay closed. Sometimes when those gates are open the fish can act a little off their game and can be finicky to catch as the water currents are moving in the deepest parts of the lake. As I am typing this it is raining again (had to reschedule todays trip), but hopefully we won’t get too much and the fresh water will help keep the upper rivers flowing which will result in another successful Striper spawn this year. The Striped Bass in Lake Texoma are not stocked fish, they reproduce each year in the Red River and in the Washita Rivers, way upstream in moving water when the water temps get in the lower to mid 60’s. They are in prespawn activities right now and will start very soon, if not already. They will spawn over a couple months period and return to the lake in stages and will be ready to feed!

As Spring rolls in and the spawn winds down, these breeder fish will follow the rivers back into the lake and feed on ledges, points, and shallow structure as the water temps warm. This is prime season for artificial lure fishing. Early morning top topwater, then swimbaits and slabs later in the day. Watch for the birds and use your sonar to find clumps of Striper on the ledges and humps. Set up your boat upwind of the marked fish and let the wind silently drift you over the clumps of fish. Bounce a slab off the bottom, or if the fish are suspended, cast a swimbait out. June will begin the topwater season and I can’t wait! I am anticipating and exceptional year this year!!

My trips are filling up fast, it was super busy this March, and looks like it will continue to be very busy. I appreciate all of you that came out and fished and all of you that have trips booked and are anxious to get on the water. Please call now of you are considering booking trip so you can choose the day you all want. You can’t book too early, and if we need to change the day, I’m sure I can accommodate. Feel free to call, text, message me on Facebook, or contact me through my website contact page.

Give me a call and I’ll see y’all out there!

Capt. Stephen

Striper Hunter Guide Service