Superheroes Northeast Texas Children’s Museum

SuperheroYoung men and their mothers are set to enjoy an evening together when Superheores come to Northeast Texas Children’s Museum.

Wham! Bam! Slam! Superheroes are coming to the Children’s Museum on Saturday, February 27 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Now that the Daddy-Daughter Dance is history for this year, it is time to turn attention to the Mother-Son Superhero Night, a time for mothers and sons.

The evening will feature Galactic heroes from Earth and beyond. Superheroes can be the traditional Superman, Batman, or Spiderman; they might also be a Jedi from Star Wars or a fireman or policeman. Superheroes include many characters from throughout the universe.

Each young man will have an opportunity to take on the role of a Superhero.  The young Superheroes can solve a crime at the Cypress Bank by following the trail of the bank robbers. They may also save a dog in a house surrounded by flood waters. These and other activities will make the Superhero Event a time to remember for each young boy.

“The Superhero food will include Wonder Dogs, Cat Woman Claws, and Lightsabers. PowerPunch will also be available. We want the food to be good but to also go along with our Superhero theme”, said Kathy Erwin who will be the caterer for the event.

Decorations will set the tone for the evening and will reflect the theme. The traditional heroes of Superman, Batman, and Spiderman will be seen throughout the Children’s Museum. “My grandson loves Superheroes, and I want the decorations to be exciting to him”, said Lonnie Plunkett, Decorating Chairman.

“Volunteers are so important for any event at the Children’s Museum. The group for the Mother-Son Superhero Night will play an important role in making the evening special for young boys and their moms. It will be such a fun time!” said Sharline Freeman, Director of the Northeast Texas Children’s Museum.

Tickets for the evening are $30 per couple. Purchase them by calling the Northeast Texas Children’s Museum at 903-886-6055.