Ghost Investigations

Ghost investigation

Ghost Investigation- The Ghost Hunters of Sherman at The Rialto

Come and Investigate The Rialto Theater in downtown historic Denison with the Ghost Hunters of Sherman.

Have you seen the shows on T.V.?

Have you ever wished you could do something like that?

Looking for some Halloween fun?

Come and explore through 6 levels of the Rialto with the same gadgets as seen on the T.V. ghost shows. We have lots of activity here come see for yourself.

Concessions available.

Only $15.00, buy your tickets online and get a 10% discount. First come first serve buy your tickets online on The Rialto Theater website, Or you can purchase at the door but no guarantee we won’t be sold out. Please call with any questions 903-818-6102.

Hatch and Kravens Haunted House

Hatch and Kraven Haunted House

Come one come all to Hatch and Kravens slaughterhouse! Where we dont just make your skin crawl, we make it crawl right off its bones! HIGH IMPACT HAUNT!

Friday and Saturdays in October 8 PM – 12 PM

Thursday and Sunday in October 8 PM – 11 PM


Hatch and Kraven Calendar 2018

Mummy and Me Highlights Halloween at the Northeast Texas Children’s Museum

Mummy and Me

Mother and Son Event Promises Thrilling Evening!

Mummy and Me will be a special Mother and Son event at the Northeast Texas Children’s Museum.  The event will be held at the Children’s Museum on October 20 from 6:30 to 8:30. With a Patron Sponsorship by Oncor and  Family Sponsorships by Commerce Funeral Home and Commerce Veterinary Clinic,  the evening will include all the fun parts of Halloween.

A Haunted House with a Witch, a Haunted Ship with a Witch’s Brew, and a Hearse with Mummies will attract the braver young boys.  Boys who want to escape the witches will have plenty of other attractions throughout the Children’s Museum.  The many play areas in the Children’s Museum will be open for the visiting Halloween ghouls.  Crafts will include decorating small pumpkins and Halloween magnets. Mothers and Sons will participate in a Mummy Wrap and dance to the Monster Mash.  These activities will be judged and directed by Jim Ayers.

“Young boys and their mothers will have special haunting food including WitcheFingers, Witches Wands, Bat Chips, Coffin Dip, and Mummy Pizza.  Decorations in the Party Room will reflect the season of ghosts, witches, and goblins, ” said Brenda Estes, Food Chair for the event. “These should be treats that moms and sons will enjoy.”

Included in the ticket price of $35 is a costume for the young mummy or his mom.  Not included in the ticket price is the price of a photo by David Hambrick.  With activities that thrill and some that don’t , with mummy food and monster dances, the Mummy and Me event should be a time that each mother and son will remember.  Tickets can be purchased at the Children’s Museum or by calling 903-886-6055.

For more Halloween festivities in Texoma,  be sure to check out the Halloween Event Calendar.

Mummy and Me