Oklahoma Wildlife Youth Camp 2023 Applications Available

Oklahoma Wildlife Youth Camp fishing

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is now accepting applications for this summer’s Wildlife Youth Camp for youths ages 14-16 on Lake Texoma. 

A week full of fun outdoor activities, conservation education and camaraderie is in store for dozens of lucky teens selected to attend the 2023 Wildlife Youth Camp. Applications are now being accepted through April 15th for this summer’s once-in-a-lifetime event. 

“If you are interested in hunting, fishing or a career with the Wildlife Department, then this camp is for you,” said Game Warden Lt. Dru Polk, youth camp coordinator.

“Campers will get a better understanding of wildlife and fisheries management as well as conservation law enforcement, and at the same time participating in some fun outdoor activities.”

The camp will be June 18-23, 2023 at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station at Lake Texoma.  Game wardens, wildlife and fisheries professionals, and dedicated hunter and angler volunteers will be conducting the camp and supervising activities. 

Activities will include fishing, archery, wildlife identification, rifle/shotgun shooting, ropes course, self-defense, wildlife law enforcement, wildlife and fisheries management, and deer/turkey/waterfowl hunting and law enforcement techniques. 

“What’s even better is that it’s all free for the campers,” thanks to the support of generous sponsors including the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Polk said. 

Applicants must be Oklahoma residents who will be 14 to 16 years old as of June 18. Prospective campers must fill out an application form and write a 75-word essay describing why they want to attend the camp, why they should be selected, and what they expect to learn. Also, they must furnish a letter of recommendation from someone other than a family member, and a recent photograph showing the applicant participating in an outdoor-related event or activity.  

The application form is online at https://www.wildlifedepartment.com/education/youth-opp/wildlife-youth-camp. The page also includes additional information about the camp and photos from previous years. Applications must be submitted by April 15.