Lake Texoma Fall Fishing Report

Lake Texoma Fall Fishing Report

As a fishing guide, it is my job to observe nature. To be aware of the patterns, how they change, how they repeat and yet are never the same. Right now it is fall and we have had plentiful rainfall for the season so the elevation of the lake is a bit higher than normal which changes the landscape of the lake. Grasses and shrubs are submerged in water creating new ecosystems for all types of life as well as new terrain to explore. We have been seeing a lot of egrets, waterfowl and eagles. I’ve been watching an osprey that stays around one of our fishing spots, I often see her dive and catch fish and occasionally we will venture near her tree and she will cry out as if to say hello. The flooded vegetation also provides cover for small fish which attracts the larger fish and they attract fishermen. In the fall, some of the larger stripers will congregate in the shallows to enjoy the cooler temperatures and they are also attracted to the vegetation. This makes for an excellent opportunity for topwater fishing, some of the most exciting fishing of the year. Typically we are blind casting up into the shallows where I think the fish may be and often times, if the fish are there, they will explode on the lure on the first cast. This may last all day if it is cloudy and rainy but if the sun is out, the fish will move out into deeper water after the first hour or so of daylight. The fish on topwater are mostly over 20” so we are not able to keep many of them but they are certainly fun. We mainly use pencil poppers but swim baits like sassy shad work good as well. To catch our smaller fish we have been using bait, though some are doing well using slabs too. Fishing on anchor with live bait in 25-40 ft of water has been working well for us and we have been consistently bringing home our limit on most days.

So far, we’ve had a good season fishing topwaters and there are still a couple of weeks left depending on how the fish respond to the weather. Usually it will last through the first week in November then we begin following the birds and casting sassy shad. We have some cooler weather approaching and I’m anticipating that the seagulls and loons will begin to arrive soon. It is a neat experience to join in a feeding frenzy with bird, fish, and man together as one. We usually follow the birds like this consistently from November through the end of December and will provide some of the best fishing of the year. Then around January as the water temperatures fall, the pattern shifts again and they change from roaming the lake in search of prey to holding stationary to structure where they feel comfortable. Catching fish in this pattern is a little more like bass fishing as we are targeting this structure all over the lake, moving from spot to spot and fishing with sassy shad swim baits. This is a reliable pattern which will typically yield some of our largest fish of the year.

Though the summer is fun and exciting, I really enjoy being on the water during the fall and winter months the most. Everything seems to settle down and the lake becomes more peaceful. It is not uncommon to have a trip during the week where you are one of the only boats on the lake. We will catch fish all winter long and right now, we have an abundance of fish in the lake right now so I’m anticipating a lot of fun to be had in the coming months for the foreseeable future. The holiday seasons are just around the corner and it is time to plan a trip to get out on the water with your family and friends while they are in town. Making memories with the people you love out on the water is what it is about, it is just a bonus that we get to bring home a cooler full of fish at the end of the day.

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Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report – February 28 2018

Fishing on Texoma has slowed down this past week but looks like Spring is just about here and fishing will drastically improve in the coming days with the warmer temps.  Water temp is 44 but with warmer weather and longer days we should heat up into the 50’s pretty soon. When this happens bait and fish will move up into shallower water on points, humps and flats.

Spring time striper can be caught on a variety of lures such as swim baits, bucktail jigs, horsehead jigs, and A-rigs. Drifting live bait can also be good and on some days deep water fish can be caught on live bait but as a general rule the shallower you can find fish the easier they are to catch because those fish have moved up shallow in search of baitfish and are more aggressive than the fish that are in deeper water.

2018 looks to be a very good year for Texoma stripers with the devastating flood of 2015 three years behind us now. 2015 and 2016 were tough years on Texoma, 2017 was great and 2018 looks to be even better with numbers of larger fish way up from previous years.

A preliminary 2018 gill net survey report from T.P.W.D. biologists show that striper numbers look very good with lots of over 20″ fish. T.P.W.D. biologists also stated that last years survey showed the highest growth rate ever recorded on Lake Texoma for striped bass and we will probably see similar growth rates this year. This should mean good fishing 2018!

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Striper Fishing Lake Texoma with Alabama Rigs

Striper Fishing Lake Texoma with Alabama Rigs

Striper Fishing Lake Texoma with Alabama Rigs makes catching kind of easy!  Why do A-Rigs catch Striped Bass?  The A-Rig is a somewhat new fishing lure that took the Professional Bass Fishing Tour by storm in 2010.  Now B.A.S.S. does not allow anglers to fish A-Rigs, but Striper fisherman love the secret weapon!  The five-arm casting umbrella rig makes a huge ball of bait profile that Stripers love!   Add five willow leaf blades and you get a great bait ball profile with a lot of flash!  The Yumbrella Flash Mob Jr is the best selling A-Rig and puts big Striper in the net!  You will need some good jig heads and soft plastic swimbaits, and then you are ready to Striper Fish Texoma! Don’t use jig heads over 1/4oz. Remember you will have five jig heads, five swimbaits, hooked to a one-ounce A-Rig!

Striper Fishing Texoma with A-Rigs

How to Striper Fish with A-Rigs

Do not overweigh the A-Rig! Using jig heads over 1/4oz will make the casting umbrella rig a work out! The A-Rig weighs 1oz and you add another ounce of jig heads, then swimbaits, that’s a heavy striper lure! We are finding most of our Striped Bass deep and hugging the bottom! The water is still very cold, so slow roll those A-Rigs! We are fishing in 20 to 25 feet of water and slowly reeling the A-Rigs across the bottom and catching some nice fish! Fish A-Rigs deep and slow until the weather warms up! When Lake Texoma surface water temperature reaches 70 degrees you can start speeding up the reel retrieve! The first part of April we will start using smaller swimbaits on a 3/4oz jig heads and vertically jigging slab spoons!

Striper Fishing Lake Texoma is Special

Lake Texoma is one of the few lakes Striped Bass reproduce naturally! Texoma is stocked with striper too, and that makes for a very good fishery! We are one of the few artificial lure only Lake Texoma Fishing Guides! If you like non stop actions and throwing lures to trophy striper, make your next Adventure Texoma Outdoors with Captain John Blasingame!  For more information see Striper Time with Lake Texoma Fishing Guide!

Lake Texoma Striper Guide John Blasingame
Striper Fish Texoma with Captain John Blasingame