Halloween and Día de los Muertos at The Sherman Museum

On Oct. 31st, The Sherman Museum will be having half priced admissions during normal 10 am-4 pm hours for all who show up in Halloween Costumes. There will be showings of “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown,” as well as Halloween arts and crafts. Patrons that visit this day will receive Trick-or-Treats on their way out of the museum.

On Nov. 1st, The Sherman Museum will be hosting for the first time Día de los Muertos festivities. “We are very excited about this event and we hope for a great turnout. Día de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is a beautiful tradition of honoring and remembering loved ones that have passed away. We want to not only teach the community about this great tradition, but to also share it with them, while having fun,” states Natalie R. Bonner, Assistant Director of The Sherman Museum.

The museum will be having half priced admission during normal 10am-4pm hours to all those who come in traditional Día de los Muertos dress, or Halloween costumes. Half priced admissions will continue from 5pm-8pm during the after-hours celebrations. The museum will have arts and crafts, an ofrenda for guests to draw their loved ones and honor them, as well as showing Disney’s “Coco.” Patrons will receive traditional Día de los Muertos candy on their way out of the museum.

About The Sherman Museum

The Sherman Museum is a non-profit 501(c) (3) educational organization devoted to collecting, preserving and interpreting objects of historical significance for visitors and residents of Grayson County and the Greater North Texas Region. The museum was previously known as The Red River Historical Museum prior to a name change in March 2011.

For more information about The Sherman Museum contact us at www.theshermanmuseum.org.