Lake Texoma Burning of the Socks and Switch for Flip Flops!

Update: Lake Texoma Burning of the Socks Switch to Flip Flops 2019

The 3rd Annual Lake Texoma Burning of the Socks and Switch for Flip Flops will be March 17, 2018.  This unique event invites everyone out to various marinas and resorts around the lake as mariners welcome the arrival of spring.   This is a Lake Texoma event that you won’t want to miss!

The Burning of the Socks is a tradition started in the 1970’s thanks to Bob Turner who managed the Annapolis Yacht Yard.  At winter’s end, Captain Turner upon leaving his work on the first day of spring, decided to burn his socks in tribute to the coming warmer weather.  Turner’s personal custom caught on with others and became an annual tradition.

Over the years, the tradition has expanded along the east and west coasts and in between.  Mariners all over the country will be holding sock burning events to shed heavy winter wear for summer attire.  In Texoma Flip Flop season begins with the Spring Equinox which marks the moment when the center of the sun appears directly overhead at the Equator.

The Lake Texoma Burning of the Socks Switch to Flip Flops Celebration will be a day full of family friendly fun.  Along with the burning of the socks there will be lots of other fun events.  Here is a little preview of the events planned around the lake.

Big Mineral Marina
9-11 – Beach Cleanup
11:30-1 – Burning of the Socks – Free hotdogs, chips, tea and lemonade
1-3 – Lakeside tunes with Tom Branton

Bridgeview Marina
Flea market all day, begins 8am
Burning of the Socks – starts at 11am – free hot dogs
Tri-City Fire Department will be there!

Buncombe Creek Marina
Starts at 11am
Chili cook-off, polar plunge, wiener roast, bonfire, cookie sale, dunk tank, car show and more!

Cedar Mills Marina
Activities are from 4-6pm

Flowing Wells
5-10pm, free food, bring your lawn chairs, beach blankets and your favorite beverages

Highort Marina
Free hotdogs and s’mores from 3-5pm
Free flip-flops to first 100 attendees!
After burn party starts at 5pm with a surprise mystery performer

Lighthouse Marina
Starts at 4pm
Horseshoes, potato sack races, corn hole contest, scavenger hunt
Bonfire and sock burning at 5:30 pm
Live music starting at 6pm

Loose Wheel Texas NEW Venue!
Receive a drink token (with or without alcohol) if you bring a pair of socks to burn in our fire pit and a new pair to donate (or just a new pair)!

Walnut Creek
Annual Smoke Out!
This event is their annual charity cooking competition with all the proceeds going to the local volunteer fire departments.

During the Burning of the Socks,  It’s a tradition to read the following poem…

Ode to the Sock Burners

By Jefferson Holland, Poet Laureate of Eastport, 1995

Them Eastport boys got an odd tradition

When the sun swings to its Equinoxical position,

They build a little fire down along the docks,

They doff their shoes and they burn their winter socks.

Yes, they burn their socks at the Equinox;


You might think that’s peculiar, but I think it’s not,

See, they’re the same socks they put on last fall,

And they never took ‘em off to wash ‘em, not at all…

So they burn their socks at the Equinox

In a little ol’ fire burning nice and hot.


Some think incineration is the only solution,

‘Cause washin’ ‘em contributes to the Chesapeake’s pollution.

Through the spring and the summer and into the fall,

They go around not wearin’ any socks at all,

Just stinky bare feet stuck in old deck shoes,

Whether out on the water or sippin’ on a brew.


So if you sail into the Harbor on the 17th of March,

And you smell a smell like Limburger sauteed with laundry starch,

You’ll know you’re downwind of the Eastport docks

Where they’re burning their socks for the Equinox.