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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Following the Birds

By Brian Prichard – Stripers Inc – Nov 28, 2019

Birds, birds, birds everywhere! It is nice to be able to scan the horizon to utilize the the advantage of a bird’s eye view to search for fish, it certainly makes my job easier. November – December is some of the most consistent fishing of the year, bringing home limits of nice fat stripers caught under feeding seagulls is a common occurrence here on Lake Texoma during this time. It is a magical experience to join the fray of the feeding frenzy between fish, bird, and human, and with the booming population of fish, there are plenty of frenzies to join in on around the lake.

Its peaceful during the fall and winter months, children are in school, the serious hunters are in the woods, the fair weather fishermen stay at home and the fish are biting like crazy, which makes this my favorite time of the year to fish. Many days, especially during the week, there are only a hand full of boats on the water allowing us to relax and leisurely follow along with the schools of fish. With fewer boats, we see a lot more wildlife as well. Often we will see deer along the banks, bald eagles, pelicans, loons, and waterfowl are a common sight, a beaver might show itself from time to time and if we are lucky we might even spot an otter.

Seagulls are working all over the lake from shallow along the banks to the middle of the lake and around the river ledges. The chosen method of enticement seems inconsequential as both lures and bait seem to be working equally well at the moment, though as the water temperatures continue to cool lures will become the most productive means of success. My favorite lure is a sassy shad, 4” glow with a heavy 1 ½ oz head, we use these all through out the year but especially during the cooler months. Here in the past few weeks the sassy shad bite has really been turning on, most days that is all we will use.

With the holiday season upon us this is a great time to get your family and friends out on the water; we also offer gift certificates for a memorable holiday gift. These birds will continue to point us to the fish at least until the end of December. I’ve had some of my most memorable trips during this time, chasing birds in the snow and catching 10lb plus fish one after the other, we could only be so lucky if history repeats itself this year. You can book your trip online at or give me a call at (903)815-1609. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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