Annual Monarch Watch at Hackberry Flat Center

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation | September 25, 2019

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation will host a Monarch Butterfly Watch the first week in October at the Hackberry Flat Center near Frederick.

“We’ll be tagging monarchs in the mornings and watching them go to roost in a stand of soapberry trees in the evenings,” said Melynda Hickman, biologist for the Wildlife Department. The Monarch Butterfly Watch is a free event and registration is not required.

Monarch Butterfly
Photo courtesy of Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Morning Tagging:  October 1, 2, 3, and 7

After a brief discussion of butterfly basics, monarchs collected from the area will be tagged as a group. Meet at the Hackberry Flat Center by 9 a.m. for this hands-on activity.

Evening Roost Watch:  October 1, 2, 3, and 6

An open air trailer will take visitors to a longtime monarch roost site within the management area. Meet at the Hackberry Flat Center by 6:30 p.m. Bring a collapsible chair and light jacket for your comfort; activity ends at 8 p.m.

“Hackberry Flat has so much to offer,” Hickman said. “We’re excited to be able to share this experience with butterfly and wildlife enthusiasts from across the state.”

Both morning and evening activities will be held regardless of weather conditions, but morning tagging activities will be limited to the number of butterflies available at the roost site.

“So many things can affect their migration,” Hickman said. “Changes in wind speeds, wind direction, weather fronts and potential storms can all affect how many butterflies will be at Hackberry Flat during the event.”

Participants can contact Hickman one to two days before their planned arrival to check on the progress of the migration at Hackberry Flat WMA.

To get to Hackberry Flat Center, from the south side of Frederick, take U.S. 183 south for one mile, then go east on Airport Road for three miles. Follow the blacktop road south and continue six miles. Watch for signs to the Center.

Hackberry Flat Wildlife Management Area offers 7,120-acres of wildlife recreational opportunities. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, along with many conservation-minded partners, restored this legendary wetland, creating a vast mosaic of wetland habitats for prairie waterfowl, shorebirds and other wetland-dependent birds. Upland areas of native sunflowers and cultivated fields interspersed with mesquite have become one of the state’s premier dove-hunting destinations. Open for scheduled events, the Hackberry Flat Center offers interpretive guidance for wildlife enthusiasts, students and educators. For more information, log on to Participants of these programs are exempt from needing a Wildlife Conservation Passport or valid hunting or fishing license while on Hackberry Flat WMA.

For more information about this event, or other programs held at Hackberry Flat Center, contact Hickman at [email protected] or by calling (450) 990-4977.

Monarchs Tagged at Hackberry Flat Found in Mexico

“Visitors and school groups tagged 476 monarchs as part of Hackberry Flat Center’s 2016 Monarch Watch,” Hickman said. “This March, three of those tags were found more than 1,200 miles away in the El Rosario Sanctuary in Michoacán, Mexico.”

“It’s amazing to know the butterflies we saw in southwestern Oklahoma made it all the way to Mexico,” Hickman said.

DiVine Homes to hold ground breaking

DiVine Homes new premier craftsmen style community “Whispering Meadows” is set to break ground on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, at 5.30 at the entrance to Whispering Meadows located on Georgetown Rd, Pottsboro Texas.

Sponsored by the Pottsboro Area Chamber of Commerce, the event will be attended by local city and county officials. Please feel free to join us on this very special occasion.

Sales have been brisk in Phase 1 and we are offering for a very limited time an excellent opportunity to own one of our finely crafted homes at a huge discount.

For 7 days only, beginning August 16, 2017 at 11:59 pm, we will offer a $25,000 incentive package, (to be used toward builder offered options), to buyers who purchase a home during this period AND we will give an additional $10,000 – $20,000 credit off the home price for homes on our premium lots in Phase 1.

After this sale ends and ground-breaking begins, prices in Phase 1 will increase $15,000. Don’t miss this one time opportunity to own the home of your dreams.

DiVine Homes builds each and every home as if it were our own and backs them with a 10- year warranty. Our trademark “ HOMES BUILT FOR A LIFETIME” is more than just a tag line, it is the core belief on which the company operates.

Please contact us at 903-702-3122 to schedule an appointment at our new sales and design center located at Preston Plaza, 501 Spur 316, Suite 204, Pottsboro, Texas or visit our web site at to view all of our beautiful models.

Lake Texoma HOT Summer Fishing!

The June fishing on Lake Texoma has been great, and I expect July fishing will be hot as well! Big fish and good box fish are roaming around and a ton of fun to catch on slabs. Big slabs been working best to keep the “dinks” off the hook.

Early mornings should begin with some schooling top water action over deeper water as these fish began to group into large schools for the summer. These fish can be caught with small top water plugs or rattle baits casted out into the boiling water. They can literally pop up just about anywhere so watch for splashing and keep an eye open for the Blue Herons or the Great Egrets hovering over deep water. These birds are some of the best fish finders on the lake and will lead you in the right direction. Just keep in mind as you approach these schooling fish that running engines will tend to scare them off, so coast in quietly or use your trolling motor to sneak in for the attack!

Nice Limit!

Another great method for catching these fish when they are not “schooled up” is dropping slab spoons through schools of Striper and Sandbass. Once you have located a large school using your fish finder, drop a 2 to 3 ounce slab down through the school.

A Beast!

A bait casting reel works great for this method because you can keep your thumb on the line spool as the slab spoon descends through the school of fish and if a strike is detected you can stop the spool with your thumb and set the hook at the same time. If your slab spoon makes it through the school without a bite, simply reel it back up as fast as you can and get ready as these fish will aggressively hit a fast-moving spoon. White, green, and blue are my favorite slab colors; or a combination of those colors seem to work great most of the time.

The Big One!
10 pounder!
Line Stretcher!!










Nice 12 pounder!!!

With the summer comes the heat, and it is very important to keep your catch cold in the cooler. I typically use three 2 gallon blocks of ice in my 120 quart cooler. This will keep 30 to 60 fish very cold for up to six hours. If you’re going to be on the water much longer than that please bring plenty of ice to keep your fish cold. The colder you can get your fish, the better they will taste, I promise you!

Good luck out there, and be safe! I’ll see you all on the water!
Capt. Stephen Andre’
Striper Hunter Guide Service

Dallas Cowboy Hall of Famer Randy White Fishes Lake Texoma to Benefit North Texas Children

#54 Randy White loves Football, Fishing, and Philanthropy. He joined with Striper Express Guide Service and auction winner Ken McDonald to benefit The Warren Center, a Dallas non-profit serving children with developmental disorders.

Randy White with Captain Chris

Ken McDonald Jr. and dad Ken Sr. enjoyed a day fishing Lake Texoma while talking football with Cowboy’s Hall of Fame legend Randy White. The McDonalds also aided an area children’s charity while doing it.

White donated a day of his time to benefit the non-profit Warren Center of Dallas, Texas. Ken McDonald Jr. made the substantial winning bid for Randy’s day during the Center’s Annual Fantasy Football Draft Night. The Warren Center provides support, early childhood intervention, and therapy services for North Texas children with developmental challenges.

“My wife Tanya and I love the Warren Center and the work they do for children. When the annual fundraiser auction included a fishing charter with Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboy Randy White, it was a no-brainer,” Ken exclaimed. “The first class work by Captain Chris Carey with Striper Express Guide Service was the icing on the cake. We caught upwards of 100 fish.”

Captain Chris Carey of Striper Express Guide Service described his celebrity guest, “Randy White is down to earth, a pleasure to be with, and a great fisherman. Randy entertained the entire group with football story after football story.”

Big fans of the Dallas Cowboys, Ken Jr. and his father celebrate the same birthday and both enjoy fishing.

Ken Sr. was the most successful angler of the day, both in size of catch and number of fish landed. “This was an awesome experience. Fishing with Randy White, and watching my dad kick our butts all day long,” Ken Jr. said.

About Striper Express Guide Service: Striper Express Guide Service, LLC provides World Class striper fishing charters on Lake Texoma. They specialize in groups, entertaining clients, and team building events. Captain Chris and his crew offer action-packed, value-based and awesome fishing experiences. Their niche is using artificial top-water lures with “the thrill of the hunt” style fishing to actively stalk their prey. Learn more by visiting or call 903-786-4477.

About The Warren Center: More information about the Center, its work, and how to donate is available at

Bill Carey – Owner, Striper Express Guide Service
[email protected]

Fish Lake Texoma For Your Child’s First Fishing Diploma

Bait, hooks and a fishing pole – take them out as soon as they can stroll. There are fewer finer things in life than taking your little one out on their first fishing trip. It’s a memory that you will both cherish for the rest of your life, and will be the start of a long family tradition. Lake Texoma is a great place to share this memory and here are some tips to make it the best day ever.

Childs first fishing trip

Rule Number 1: Have fun!

The most important thing to remember is that you’re there to have fun. You don’t have to do anything fancy to introduce your child to the sport, and in fact simplicity is the key. Make your first trip short and sweet, and be sure to take breaks in between. A child might have an hour of fishing in them, but they might not be able to get through it all at once. A 15 minute break now and then to bird watch, eat, or tell fishing stories will recharge their energy and keep them focused. You might even want to explore other activities that the lake offers such as swimming and horseback riding to round out your trip.

Rule Number 2: Find the Right Gear

Once again, simplicity is important when picking the right fishing gear for kids. They don’t need overly complicated reels or lures. Instead, you might want to pick a rod that has a button for casting to make it easier. Many stores have fun Disney or superhero themed rods that are easy for children to use and makes their experience that much more fun. Also opt for a bobber so that your kid can easily see when they get a bite, and worms as bait since they work well for a variety of fish. You and your little one can even go hunting for the worms in your own backyard. They will have loads of fun finding these creepy crawlies and it’ll increase their interest in setting out on the trip.

Rule Number 3: Fish the Right Fish

The best way to keep children focused is by catching fish. They won’t be entertained for long if they’re just staring at the bobber on top of the water. Seeing that bobber dip will make them jump up and down with glee, and catching a fish will encourage them to keep fishing. Lake Texoma is a perfect place for children to fish because it is full of kid-friendly fish. The lake is particularly good for catching catfish, which will be a child’s best bet. Since they know a lot about catfish from TV shows, it is a fun fish for them to pull up. Catfish can also be reasonably large, creating a great reward for your child’s efforts. They may even be amused by the weird types of bait you can use to catch a catfish such as hotdogs and grapes.

Rule Number 4: Conservation Matters

It is important that your child learns everything about fishing, and that includes conservation. They should know that we fish only what we can eat, and should learn the importance of catch-and-release. In Lake Texoma, the daily limit for blue and channel catfish is 15 and the minimum length is 12 inches. For flathead catfish, the limit is 5 and they must be at least 20 inches. Make sure your child learns these limits and other conservation points such as litter prevention and habitat preservation.


Contributing Author Jackie Edwards – Jackie is a freelance editor and writer.  Her husband is a keen angler and they wanted to try fishing holiday with the kids.  Last year they were able to go for it and afterwards she wrote a series of articles geared towards helping parents and care givers plan their own first fishing trip with children.  You can read more of Jackie’s work at