Lake Texoma Fishing Report March 2016

Crosswinds Guide Service March Fishing Report

I ran a jug trip with another guide yesterday and ended up with a good haul of blues up to 10 pounds. The blues are still gorging but seem to be scattering a bit more. I’m starting to see a lot of blues suspended mid water column as they bust up bait balls.  Instead of hanging on the bottom in deep water like they were when the water was cooler. Regardless, it is mind blowing to see the amount of Catfish that are coming in to the dock. Bags upon bags of fillets going home to good folks and their families. I have definitely been thankful for them over these last few months. It’s still a great time to stock up the freezer if you are a Catfish eater. I know I am. I anticipate at least a few more weeks of major meat hauls.

Crosswinds Guide Service 3-20-2016As far as Striped Bass,  I have yet to string together any significant numbers of Striper on recent trips. Sure there has been some productive days mixed in. A few of them pretty good. But not yet consistent. Definitely not enough for me to pat myself on the back and start telling you how “its on”. Some days trolling. Some days live bait. Some days fishing structure. I’m doing it all. Just not finding any real pattern. I will. Believe me I will. March is well known for inconsistency even under ideal circumstances. So I’m certain that good things are right around the corner. Most likely tomorrow.

The Sand bass have given me the slip on the last few trips.  Just “one here, one there.”  My theory is that we have had some large waves run up the river/creeks to spawn on my end of the lake. But then again. that’s just my theory. I have heard of some good sand bass hauls recently but it’s been a good few weeks since I’ve had one (I plan on changing that tomorrow as well).

Surface temp is right around 58. The water has stained up quite a bit since the last rain. But it typically clears within a few days.

In a nutshell, we do have a good crop of stripers in the lake. The Blue cats are phenomenal. And the White Bass will have another great year. I really feel that as the water temps keep climbing. We’ll start seeing more and more boxes of fish come in with scales on them. Our Sand Bass are nearing/starting their spawn. Our stripers will be going to make us more stripers soon. When they return from the spawn. The full cycle from the hell year of 2015 will be complete. And the fish can resume all things that were once “normal”.

Shawn MoralesAuthor: Shawn Morales

Shawn Morales is a fulltime, licensed professional fishing guide on Lake Texoma.  He specializes in Striped Bass (stripers), White Bass (sand bass), and catfish.  Shawn and his wife Lindsey have two children and live in Kingston, Oklahoma.  You can reach Shawn at 405-481-6209 or by email  For more photos and updates, follow Crosswinds Guide Service on Facebook.  To book a trip visit his website